About Digital Marketing Accelerator Programme (DMAP)

Our Digital Marketing Accelerator Programme (DMAP) is a 3 months intensive digital training program.

This Programme is recommended for graduates who want to be competitive in the job market or for junior-level professionals who want to explore opportunities in digital marketing to grow their careers.

And it is designed to give trainees practical hands-on experience, internship experience and even employment opportunities for top performers.

On completion, participants will have practical knowledge of planning, implementing and managing comprehensive Digital Marketing activities for businesses.

-- Internationally Recognised Certifications
-- Internship experience to be added on CV
-- Employment opportunities with our partnered companies


Practical Experience

Hands-on practical training to become a full fletched digital marketer

Networking Benefits

Access to a community of like-minded professionals

Internship Opportunities

Opportunity to intern immediately after your training

Real Client Interactions

Opportunity to work on a real life project


Employment opportunity for the top students

International Certificate

Internationally Recognized Certification

What you will get:-


Get all the training needed to succeed as a Digital Marketing Expert. Our Certificate in Digital Marketing course has been designed to take you through the online marketing assets, tools, and methods. This is to help individuals and businesses improve their value proposition. It is also to help them achieve their marketing and business goals.


Top companies receive over 10,000 applications for their internships and new grad roles and hire just 5% of applicants. Learn how you become part of that top 5%. Our programme will help you get practical hands-on experience with live projects from actual clients to help you develop your skills.


This is a 12 week program 1-on-1 Program with your Instructors, to guide and hold your hand every step of the way. At the end of 12 weeks you will not only be SET UP COMPLETELY online as a professional digital marketer, you will know EXACTLY what to do to crush it and make an income from your Brand!


Our top students get automatic employment. Get first-hand information on available job opportunities and necessary placement for internship and full-time roles. You are considered first for roles that require your skillset.

Why choose us?

We combine the power of insider knowledge, online training, interview preparation, world-class speakers, and customized support to help you become the best.

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    Application Deadline

    October 2nd, 2023

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    Cohort Kick-Off Date

    October 16th, 2023

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    Programme Cost


    Digital Marketing Accelerator Programme Outline

    Courses Overview
    Week 1: Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Develop a holistic understanding of the role of digital marketing in an organization, including strategy and positioning, budgeting, market and user research, and omnichannel experiences. You’ll dive into the sales funnel and learn how to engage with customers at each stage by using journey maps.
    • Understand fundamental digital marketing campaigns, concepts, and techniques, including the use of market and user research to develop global brand positioning and strategy, omnichannel experiences, customer journeys, personas, and more.
    Week 2: Content Marketing
    • Content fuels today’s most effective marketing strategies. Digital ads, social posts, and emails all push to content as today’s buyers don’t want to just be sold to. You’ll learn how to create valuable and relevant content, such as blog posts, e-books, and social media posts to increase brand recognition, attract an audience, and build brand awareness and trust.
    • Develop a content strategy, including objectives, metrics, and guidelines. You will then gain first-hand experience with content marketing management, including keyword research, editorial calendars, content production, and distribution.
    Week 3: Email Marketing
    • Email lists are important assets in any organization. Dive into the fundamentals of email marketing and learn how to capture, segment, and manage users to plan and execute successful email campaigns using industry platforms. Learn to create landing pages and track key metrics to make data-driven decisions. Simultaneously, understand the legislation around data protection, as well as policies that regulate commercial electronic messages.
    • Learn email marketing best practices and techniques, including audience development, personas, email list creation and segmentation, drip campaigns, newsletters, chatbots, key performance metrics, landing pages, email marketing regulations, and more.
    Week 4: Performance Marketing
    • Learn the fundamentals of performance marketing through core search engine optimization (SEO) principles to increase online visibility, domain, and page authority. You will then learn to leverage Google Ads, creating campaigns and ad groups to generate leads and conversions right away.
    • Learn to create search engine optimization best practices and pay-per-click strategies to develop a comprehensive search engine marketing plan. You will learn best practices and the strategic and technical requirements behind effective marketing for search engines, including how to create targeted ad campaigns and groups.
    Week 5: Social Media
    • A strong social media presence builds trust and engagement with your audience, all while communicating your brand’s authenticity.
    • Figure out what platform makes sense for your brand
    • Tie social to goals and overall campaigns
    • Learn how to make creative designs
    • Understand how social campaigns are performing through data, create reports, and learn to optimize campaigns
    • Understand key demographics and use cases for all major social media platforms. You will then learn to develop a social media marketing strategy, including social content development, management tools, processes, metrics, and measurement.
    Week 6: Creating Campaigns for Sales and Brand Expansion

    We are going to be using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google PPC, display, search and video ads and you will be waled through intensively how to run ad campaigns to meet targets and out-achieve goals.

    Weeks 7-12: Mini Internship

    You’ll be matched to a mini paid internship with a startup or digital marketing agency where you get to put your newly developed skills to work.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Now isn’t a good time for me. When will you do this programme again?

    The real question is “How long have you said you want to increase sales or get a better paying job or even make more money to live a better and quality life?” or “How important is it to you to increase sales or get a better paying job or even make more money to live a better and quality life?”

    If now “isn’t a good time to accelerate your business or career with digital marketing,” understand one thing: it’s NEVER going to feel like the right time.

    Do not fear failure, but please be terrified of regret of tomorrow because you refuse to take action today for a better tomorrow. At a certain point, you have to stop waiting and make things happen for yourself.

    Now to answer your question, we do not know when we will do this training again, but if we do it again in a few month we will most likely raise the price.

    If you want to accelerate your business or career with digital marketing, the best time to get started is today.

    How sure are you that I will get a job?

    Traditional marketers are losing their job to digital marketers and companies do not want to hire you unless you have digital marketing skills.

    Some people attend this training after they lost their jobs during Covid-19 while some people attend after they went for an interview and didn’t get the job because they didn’t have digital marketing skills.

    Digital Marketing is projected to be one of the fastest growing sector for job opportunities! Above all, people who enter the digital marketing field are virtually guaranteed excellent job security.

    When you learn digital marketing with you will learn skills that companies do not have and can’t do but really need badly hence why they will hire you to do it for them either as a full time employee or as an agency owner.

    Here’s the deal. Attend this training, do the practical works and project to build your portfolio (the most efficient way to create a unique portfolio that showcases the skills employers look for or CV) and then earn yourself globally recognized certification from us.

    Also, you have many options after the course, over 50 job roles you can work in, you can start your own agency, you can also start your online business as an affiliate marketer or you can simply grow your business online.

    Some of the positions you will be able to apply and work in: Digital Marketing Executive, Social Media Executive, Content Marketing Executive, Email Marketing Executive, Online Advertising Executive, Digital Media Manager, Digital Media Buyer, Search Engine Optimization Executive, Website Traffic Manager, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Analyst, Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Many more.

    Also do not forget that with our certificate you will be able to work in any part of the world.

    Some of our students have used it to relocate to Canada, United States, United Kingdom and other countries.

    What if I’m not tech savvy? Will I be able to implement everything I’m learning?

    If you can check your email, browse the internet, use social media (and you’re willing to do a Google search or two) on a computer and not just on a mobile device, you should be just fine following our step by step instructions.

    Will I become a digital marketing expert?

    This is a true practical training, which means that it’s engaging, interactive, and requires your active participation. You will be given projects to implement real life digital marketing campaigns and you will get personalised feedback. If you’re not ready to take a proactive approach to learning, look somewhere else. This will be intense. We are serious about helping you become a top 1% digital marketer but you have to practise and implement what we teach you consistently to become an expert.

    I don't stay in Nigeria, can I still be join this programme?

    Yes, you can attend the training from anywhere, as we would be LIVE virtually on our platform. We have had students from Germany, Ghana, Ivory Coast attending our programme.

    I'm worried about the internet data usage?

    These days you can get 6gb internet data for just about N2,000 or less, and truth is, it is cheaper and safer to spend on data than to spend more money on transport and risk your life.

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