In our bid to reward excellence among the youths who are going beyond the emerging societal narratives that believe scam is the surest route to create wealth and make impact, Bossmeek blog decided to feature outstanding young personalities in our monthly interview. In other words, we can call them Bossmeek Young Personalities for the month of November 2020. Among the three promising young fellow we selected is Mr. Anthony Feyisayo Olagundoye. We know this will motivate someone to keep pushing.

QUESTION: Could you please introduce yourself?

ANSWER: My name is Anthony Feyisayo Olagundoye Olagundoye Anthony. I’m from Ondo state. I’m a musician and a printer.

QUESTION: Do you have an academic background in music?

ANSWER: Yes, sir. I studied music at the Polytechnic Ibadan.

QUESTION: Wow! That’s interesting. What influenced your choice to study music?

ANSWER: Because I discovered I have the talent. Also, I saw the importance of knowing the rudiment of what I’m called to do. When a talent becomes a calling, I believe there’s a need for adequate knowledge and proper understanding of what the talent has the ability to bring to life.

QUESTION: Could you explain what you mean by “when talent becomes a calling”?

ANSWER: In 2008, I was called to the music ministry and one thing that came to my mind is knowledge. I believe it is very important to have a deep knowledge of what you are called to do. Knowledge is a prerequisite for you to succeed in what you are called to do.

QUESTION: That’s right. How do you think studying music as a course has distinguished you from other musicians who only hone their skills to appeal to their audience?

ANSWER: Studying music as a course has really helped me so much. Because knowing the basis of a thing is very key. It gives me more confidence and add more value to me. Most of my colleagues always respect me because of the knowledge I have acquired through music education.

QUESTION: You mean being trained in a tertiary institution is not overrated as many young persons claim?

ANSWER: Yes, sir.

QUESTION: What can you say about the popular statement that encourages graduates to keep their certificate somewhere and find a hustle?

ANSWER: I disagree with it sir. Realistically, it is not everybody that can fit into entrepreneurship. Some of us are just lucky to practice what we study. I believe it depends on individual conviction about their courses and capacity. I believe it depends on individual conviction about their courses and choices.

QUESTION: This is impressive. So, how far has music taken you for now?

ANSWER: This is my 12 years as a musician and music minister. I paid my school fees with music. I’m married with music. This should convince you that it is my major source of finance. God has been faithful in his promises. Though I’m still a work in progress, I’m optimistic about what tomorrow holds.

QUESTION. This is inspiring. I saw a post of yours on your IG page and the beat you sang to had an element of Beautiful Nubia’s beat. I may be wrong though. So, I want to ask who inspires you as a musician?

ANSWER: I have many mentors, and I write different genre of music. Pertaining to the song you listened to on IG, that’s how the inspiration came. I’m not trying to sing like anybody.

QUESTION: That’s great. Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

ANSWER: I see myself having a music studio of my own, and producing songs that will inspire the world. I see myself having a record label, where I can encourage other talented musicians to pursue their career and become a better person.

QUESTION: This is great and we’d be delighted to see it come to pass. What advise do you have for people, especially the youths who are still trying to find their bearing?

ANSWER: I will say they should believe in God that gave them the talent. They should not relent in pressing forward in pursuit of their career, they should keep learning to know more and never stop learning.

CLOSING REMARK: This is impactful. From all of us at Bossmeek blog, we say thank you for the attention. We believe your story will greatly inspire many young people around. Follow on IG: feyiwealth_music

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