In our continuous quest to reward excellence among the youths who are going beyond the emerging societal narratives that believe scam is the surest route to create wealth and make impact, Bossmeek Blog decided to feature outstanding young personalities in our monthly interviews. In other words, we can call them Bossmeek Young Personalities for the month of November 2020. Among the three promising young fellows we selected is Mr. Jeremiah Olajuwon Joy. We know this will motivate someone to keep pushing.

QUESTION: Could you please introduce yourself?

ANSWER: My name is Jeremiah Olajuwon Joy, a Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer of a fashion brand and also a final year student of Obafemi Awolowo University studying Accounting

QUESTION: Could you shed more light on what you do as a creative director and give more info about your fashion brand?

ANSWER: Okay, I basically run a fashion brand that deals with the making of bespoke wears for men. This could be native wears or corporate wears depending on the preference of my client. In a layman’s term, I would say I’m a tailor that makes native and corporate wears basically for men.

QUESTION: This is interesting. How does this relate to your course of study?

Like I said earlier, I currently study Accounting and I will say me being an entrepreneur has really helped me to put all the theories taught in the four walls of different lecture rooms into practice. I can see the practical application of these theories helped me understanding different theories and terminologies and their relevance to the business sector.

QUESTION: You’ll therefore say your academic background is relevant to your skills. Do you then think school isn’t a scam as many claim?

ANSWER: Yeah. I can say that with bold capital letters, if that will lay more emphasis on it. To be honest, I don’t think school is a scam as many people claim. Instead, I will say school is an avenue to open one’s eyes to see different doors of awesome opportunities. But it takes an individual to choose the kind of door one wants to open. To some point, I feel a lot of people still think school opens door for everyone like school did in the 90s. We all need to understand that things are different right now because school only shows different doors to an individual that can be opened. But it takes the individual to determine the door he/she wants to open and if he/she is quite equipped with the necessary skills or knowledge to open the chosen door.

QUESTION: Wow!!! This is sublime. What inspired you to acquire the skills?

ANSWER: Well, I have been someone who cherished looking good right from childhood. My mum once told me that I’m a very picky type when it comes to choosing an outfit for myself. Even when I was still a child, I don’t get to wear any clothes that don’t fit me twice if I ever get to wear them once. I can say this laid the foundation. But I can say my interest in fashion started specifically when I left my parents to reside with my uncle who is now a father to me. At this time, my cousin was already a tailor and you know, I automatically became his apprentice. I started by fixing button, loosing out fabric that has been sewed wrongly, sweeping the workshop after usage, ironing clothes and running some other errands for him. Along the line, I developed that skills of creating fitted wears for myself and also began to make others look good too.

QUESTION: How far do you wish to go in the fashion industry?

ANSWER: To be honest, I have been in the fashion industry for 8 years now and still feel like I haven’t even started the journey yet. However, the big journey is yet to start and the ‘how far’ I want to go is not what I can describe in just few statement but I can say I definitely want to make a big mark in the history of fashion industry.

QUESTION: Who inspires you in the fashion industry?

ANSWER: My cousin is the number one person who do the big job.

QUESTION: What’s his name?

ANSWER: Omotoso Oluwabukunmi, Chief Executive Officer of tWIF Clothing

QUESTION: That’s great. Which other plans do you have for the future?

ANSWER: You know there’s more to life when one takes a closer look at it. So, I believe there’s more to me and at the right time, everything will definitely reveal itself.

QUESTION: This is deep. So, what do you have to say to fellow Yong men who are looking forward to a great future?

The journey to greatness can be very rough and discouraging and only those that never quit always have their way to the top.

CLOSING REMARK: Thanks for this closing remarks. We are grateful for having you. We wish you the best in all your endeavorsFollow Joy’s brand on IG @luminousjay

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