Vanessa walked into the restaurant. She was tired and exhausted from the days work. Her first day and it was this tiring.

“Hello nessa. kumusta ka?(how are you?”

“Mabuti (fine).

“Hey. You got it right this time (smiling). You look tired.”

“I am. Resumed work today and it was exhausting Miriam.”

“Awwn, so sorry. Should I get you the usual oorrr…” She trailed off

“Naaahh. I’ll just have spaghetti. If I take lechon or adobo, I might not be able to walk back home.” she said laughing

“That is so true. I’ll be right back”

*ring ring*
Nessa’s phone rang. It was Janeth.

“Hello big sis.” she spoke weakly..

“Hey Chloe. What’s wrong? You don’t sound okay..” Jane asked concerned

“Its nothing. Just so tired from work.” she said yawning.

“Don’t swallow the phone. But its your first day. You’re not supposed to be this tired.”

“First day, yea but I happen to resume at a bad time so to say. They are loosing customers and decided to do a fashion show to draw the public. All hands were needed including the new bee. so..”

“Yea. I get it. You’ll survive. You always do.” Janeth said.

“Thanks sis. Oh. What about the maid. I could use one right now”

“Oh that, I’m working on it. I’ve gotten a few. Just tell me when you’re free. They’ll come over and You’ll choose the one you like.”

“Ok sis. You’re the best.”

“Awwwnnn Thanks. Gotta go. Just wanted to check on you. Night night..” she said and hung up.

Some mins later Miriam came with
the food

“Sorry I took a while. Something came up that needed my attention.” she explained.

“Its ok. Its fine.”

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

“Hello sir. Good morning. You sent for me?”

“Yes I did. Have a seat Vanessa.” Raphael said.

She sat down

“uumm. Its been a week you started working and I must commend you. As a tradition you’re entitled to your own car. That’s why I called you. Here’s the key to your car. Its parked outside. You can go check
it out if you want.” he said.

“Of course I want.” She yelled in excitement snatching the
keys from him and ran outside.

“Wooooooooooow. Bentley continental GT. Oh my gosh” she screamed.

She rained kisses on the car not knowing Raphael was watching.

She turned to see him staring at her. She quickly composed herself

“Th..thank you sir.” she said.

“(smiling) You’re welcome.” he said turning to go back inside

“uumm sir?”


“What about a driver? I really don’t know the city well and my job requires movement.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. He’ll be the first person you see monday morning. I’m sure that you atleast know the way to your house?”

“Yes sir. I can drive myself home.”

“Ok. Happy weekend Vanessa.” he said and went back in.

Vanessa quickly brought out
her phone and called Janeth.

“Hello Janey.” she called in excitement

“Whooa. Janey? Haven’t heard that in a while. Someone’s excited. Did a cute guy propose?”

“Oh please! I told you. No guys for me. Its not that. I got my car today. A Bently.”

“Woooooow. Congratulations baby sis. You deserve it.”

“Thank you. How are you doingband
family?” Vanessa asked

“We’re fine. Actually planning a vacation.”

“Wait. Vacation? What about the maid stuff we talked about. I’ll be free tomorrow.” she said

“Oh that. I’ve emailed you their details. You just have to go over them and pick the one you like.”

“Okay sis. Thanks.”

“Oh and Chloe?”


“Please give a thought to the marriage thing. You..

“Jane, Jane, Jane stop. I’m happy the marriage thing is working for you but its not for me Jane. Its not. Not after all I’ve been through in the hands of men. I hate them Jane. So please, stop trying to talk me into it. I’m okay being by myself. Okay?”

“(sighs) Ok. bye.”

Vanessa got into the car and started the engine. She smiled

“Mehn this feels good.” she said and drove off.

She made a stop at the restaurant. Bought something to eat and drove

® ® ® ® ® ® ® ®
® ® ® ® ® ® ®

Vanessa woke up saturday morning. She didn’t check her email for the details Janeth sent.

She went to her computer and opened her email.

She began to go through them one by one

“Eric? Nope I don’t need a male. uummm. Matilda, too old. Mabel, hmmmm. kinda young. Miriam. wait! Miriam? I thought she works at the restaurant. I think i’ll take her”

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