Have you ever thought of making money online but don’t know which way to go, what to do or how to start?

If yes, let’s look at how to make money on Bossmeek Publisher Network.

Previously, I wrote an article on 5 Profitable Side Hustles to earn extra income during Covid-19 and I hope you’re going to find it useful.

Hence, writing for news agencies like Opera & Bossmeek is also a good one.

And I want to show you how to go about it.

First of all,


The website will open on a separate page!

Having done that, come back to this page and follow this step by step guideline on how to begin publishing GREAT articles and earn money with Bossmeek Publisher Network.

In case you don’t know, Bossmeek Network is the best platform to make money as an author in Nigeria.

There are other things you need to know and that is the essence of this post.

Just take your time to read on.

In essence, whatever content you publish on Bossmeek has the tendency of gaining a GLOBAL exposure.

Benefits of joining Bossmeek Publisher Network

There are other benefits you can get from joining Bossmeek Publisher Network as an author or publisher.

If you’re a blogger, publishing on the news hub can give you backlink and traffic opportunities.

It’s not only about the exposure to millions of readers. There’s more.

  1. Bossmeek Network shows up high in google searches. Thanks to the high traffic and close to 5000 posts published annually, the platform offers terrific exposure.
  2. You can start a blog on Bossmeek Publisher Network instantaneously. Even when you don’t have to start your own blog, having a publisher account on Bossmeek Publisher Network can help you start building a career for yourself as a writer and blogger, You don’t have to settle for individualized blogs any longer because starting a publication could likely increase the interest in your articles. All your posts are in one place and you will have your own unique URL e.g www.bossmeek.com/authorname
  3. Making a (full-time) income through your writing

Last but not least, even if all the points above don’t sound particularly attractive to you, making money through your writing might be appealing.

Through this, it’s easier than ever before to get paid for your writing. And those who take it seriously make a bunch of money through their words here.

So, let’s see how it works?

Earning money with Bossmeek Publisher Network isn’t difficult as it seems. You only need to understand a few basic things.

To earn steadily on the platform, you need to come up with an interesting post.

An interesting post is not just a story but something very unique and engaging. Your article can be in form of news, reviews – happenings around you or educational posts that people would always want to read and share.

For example;

You can write about an accident that happened in your area and state how it happened after carrying out your own investigation.

That is, you can write and publish necessary precautions to avoid road accidents, which is a very relevant topic.

This kind of story can go viral, because it is useful for everyone.

By so doing, your post will generate income for you on Bossmeek Publisher Network

How to make money on Bossmeek Publisher Network

Your earnings on Bossmeek Publisher Network depends solely on engagements.

The truth is the quality of your post will attract engagements and engagements will drive money.

The kinds of activities that occur on each post you publish on the platform determine how much you earn.

That is, the more users engage with your posts, the more money you earn.

Meanwhile, to make money on Bossmeek Publisher Network, your content must gain enough views, likes, comments and shares.

Publishing regularly won’t do this but publishing GREAT content.

Since you can’t go after users and coerce them to read your posts, the best you could do is to ensure your content is compelling.

The platform is not where you can just dump your articles and expect money to come.

After publishing an article, you need to follow up on your work and ensure enough people find and engage with it.

In other words, you can adopt the following strategies to make money with Bossmeek Publisher Network:

  1. Write viral content: Viral content are sharable content. They are some kind of posts that go viral on social media. Why? Because they are original, relevant, informative, educational and critical. When a user comes across an interesting post and wants his friends and family to learn one thing or the other from the post, he shares it. Following that trend, others too will share and share.
  2. Don’t write less than 150 words per post: The volume of your post is not what matters but its authority. Ensure whatever you’re writing is rich to make readers love it. Then endeavor to write above 150 words to treat as many relevant points as possible.
  3. Engagement: Whenever you’re writing, find a way to engage your readers. In fact, you can even encourage readers to like, share and make a comment on your post before leaving the page.

The point is Bossmeek Publisher Network doesn’t pay for your articles but the engagements or the numbers of time someone reads, comments, shares, and likes your posts on the hub.

In the meantime, you have to read this entire piece to the very last end and plan.

You might need to devote 12 to 48 hours in your time per week for the job.

The platform has a monthly earning system in which payment is made to all users based on their performance on every 15th and 28th of each month.

You can have it at the back of your mind that those who set up the platform to create opportunities for people are not philanthropists.

They are a set of entrepreneurs with goals.

That means, to get paid, your articles MUST meet up with their requirements.

Many people are great writers but sometimes have challenges with what to write about – ideas are not just coming.

If you ever find yourself in that circumstance, read How to Find Great Topics or Ideas to Write about so you don’t get stuck midway!

But if you can’t write viral content or you don’t have the time to promote your posts and boost user engagement rates, don’t be discouraged.

In case any of the requirements is too much for you, there is a way out.

You can hire a freelance writer that can do the job for you and pay as low as ₦1000 per article.

Need a writer?

Search for writers in blogging and writing groups you know on Facebook.

In less than 24 hours, you will definitely get more than enough people that will show interest.

But yet, that doesn’t mean the requirements should be overlooked.

By doing “cutting and pasting”, many freelance writers will steal and give you other people’s work.

If you don’t screen what you’re given, you will just be wasting your money, because Opera will not pay you for a stolen article.

If you are able to publish and promote an interesting story on the platform and make ₦5,000, you can still record a profit of ₦4,000 at the end of the month.

This is just a rough estimation, though.

You can make more than ₦50,000 per month as everything depends on your performance.

How Bossmeek Publisher Network pays authors

Here is the analysis of how Bossmeek Publisher Network pays authors for publishing their content on the platform.

If an article is LIKED once, it generates a traffic bonus of ₦3.6 for the author.


  • 100 Likes = ₦360
  • 1,000 Likes = ₦3600
  • 10,000 Likes = ₦36000

This is the basic pay.

An article that gets 50 comments and above is automatically eligible for a bonus of ₦250.

For example;

500 comments will get 5 * 250 = ₦1,000.

In as much as you push to get high click rates, engagements can be used to bank high.

Other Earnings


  • When a user follows you = ₦0.38
  • When a user shares your post = ₦0.38

What does it take to be successful on Bossmeek Publisher Network?

I’ll keep this short and succinct. There is plentiful advice on the subject online if you search around, but I’ll save you hours of digging:

  1. Be prepared for the long haul, it will take one to two years before you can achieve big numbers on Medium (ex. 10,000 followers, $1000 paychecks, consistent 1000+ view articles)
  2. Write or schedule to post 2 stories per day that might take you 20 minutes to an hour to make
  3. Publications’ are kingmakers — strive to get into the Front Page, this is the beginning to get your name out there, to make the cut, get your posts to be shared by families and friends, get engagements and comments.
  4. Curation’ gets the long term view count — If you manage to get curated, congratulations! Cause your posts will alos be among the posts to be promoted on other social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram etc.
  5. Top Writer’ is a vanity award (but still helps with some extra views and credit)
  6. SEO is your friend when making titles
  7. Promote, promote, promote your stories any way that you can

Here’s a list of some ways to get eyeballs on your contents:

  • Join Facebook groups to share links, read others work, and comment
  • Connect your Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook account for easy sharing and some fun tricks.
  • Tell your friends to share your posts and LIKE your content, tell them to follow you also.
  • Start an Instagram, share your stories with links back to your publisher articles
  • LinkedIn is a great source for views if you’re writing about anything related to the business world, share your content and links there.
  • Buy Facebook ads — yes you read that correctly. I haven’t tried it myself but you can find examples of people who do use that as a strategy.

There are many other methods out there, it’s all about slowly building your writing as a brand and maybe getting a lucky few articles to go viral.

Copyright violation

Bossmeek Publisher Network frowns at plagiarism.

If you want to make money on Bossmeek Publisher Network, you can’t steal other people’s intellectual property and think you will make money with it.

All your content MUST be original as much as possible. While you’re doing your research, avoid doing “cutting and pasting”.

Always study your sources very well to develop your own ideas.

Avoid clickbait titles

In blogging, we are all used to power words and emotional terms that can add positive or negative sentiment to our title.

All these are believed to be clickbait.

But unfortunately, Bossmeek Publisher Network doesn’t want authors to use clickbait of any form in the post title. If found in your title, it may cause your post to be rejected or delayed.

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, endeavor to avoid the following terms in your title whenever you’re creating an article on Bossmeek Publisher Network:

  1. Unbelievable
  2. Surefire
  3. Mind Blowing
  4. Life-changing
  5. Jaw-dropping
  6. Shocking
  7. Surprise
  8. Must watch
  9. Crowd goes wild
  10. OMG

How to view your earnings on Bossmeek Publisher Network

Your earnings are automatically recorded on your account as people engage with your posts.

So, have no fear that your efforts will go down the drain.

If you want to see how much you have earned so far with your post, take the following steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Open your dashboard
  3. Click Monetization

When you click Monetization on the dashboard, a page containing the numbers of clicks and amount of money you have earned will open.

And you will see it by yourself.

How to withdraw your earnings on Bossmeek Publisher Network

Your earnings on Bossmeek Publisher Network must have reached the minimum of ₦10,000 threshold before you can make a withdrawal.

Anytime you make upto ₦10,000, you’re free to withdraw your money.

On your account dashboard, you will find Withdraw Earnings.

Login with your Facebook or Google account and push the button.

If you don’t forget, we said earlier that withdrawals on Bossmeek Publisher Network can only be made on the 15th or 28th of each month.

So, anytime you want to withdraw your earnings, ensure it is on either of those specified days.

But note that your bank plays a factor in this regard.

But under normal circumstances, your Bank account will be credited in less than 24 hours of making the withdrawal.

Some banks take a week or less to complete the transaction.

Just be patient with them.


In our discussion so far on how to make money on Bossmeek Publisher Network, I want to believe you have learnt a new business that you can do to make money online.

Making money on Bossmeek Publisher Network is legitimate. In fact, the platform has created job opportunities for thousands of Nigerians.

You too can sign up on the platform and start making money with your writing skills.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently employed or not. The business can serve as a side hustle for you.

All it requires to succeed as an author on Bossmeek Publisher Network is diligence and good writing skill. All these can be developed by anyone.

The more you write, the better you become.

I believe, if you keep writing, no matter how bad your writing is at the beginning, you can improve in no time and start to make money on the platform.

What matters most is the content you create by yourself… So, no compromise!

Finally, that list is over…and I want to sign up for the Bossmeek Publisher Network (BPN), what’s next?

Go forth and be creative! And welcome to BPN, good luck!


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