Why Google Keeps Leading The Search Engine Business


For the past 15 years, Google has been dominating the world wide web, and it remains the most popular search engine to date. While many people just see this as a stroke of luck or something natural in the internet business; those who have been paying close attention know very well that Google algorithm is second to none.

I got the best knowledge about this when I carried out fast research with my blog of fewer than 5 months old with only 4 domain authority.

As a great SEO writer, I wrote an article WhatsApp influencer marketing and ensure I pull all my SEO tactics to ensure it beats my completion with higher domain authority.

To ensure I get my research right, I use all the popular webmaster tools, including that of Bing webmaster, Google search console, and Yandex.

Within two months, my the article hit the google front page and even got google snippet while the article is nowhere to be found on any of the other three search engines.

Reasons? Because Google knows how to crawl various websites to ensure they deliver quality search results for their users. Meanwhile, others are hell bend head-on following the conventional style of ranking article base on when they are created and domain authority of the site featuring the article.

Wait, don’t get me wrong.

Google also prioritize articles on top website. But that does not mean Google will forsake new sites that create wonderful content and go for that of something below average. Nah!

Their goal is to deliver the best and comprehensive solution to people who use their search engine. And the best way to achieve that is by learning how to crawl all websites virtually on the worldwide web effectively.

For example, I wrote a similar article on the top 10 social media websites to earn money as an influencer, and the article didn’t appear on the first five result page. You know why? Because authority websites like NeilPatel.com, Vox, Inc, Digitalmarketing, and several others have already covered related topics. And Google has a way of moving away from the initial keyword to similar ones to ensure people get the result they need.

If you can’t pick your answer from the top three search results pages, then you must be looking for another thing. Let’s help you to look for it. And this helps their users to achieve good search results.

In conclusion, Google domination of the search engine business is by no mean coincidence, but a result of a reward of value the company offer its users.

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