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+1 Cheating is definitely one of the crack that can lead to an untimely destruction of a loving relationship, because of the flaunting characteristics in human behavior,while most people view sexual contact as the ultimate betrayal, the other activities, while perhaps innocent at the outset, aren’t so black-and-white. but no matter what, cheating is cheating. […]
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0 Popular life coach, Ajero Morgan says if, after marriage, one’s brother is still generous towards the family then one needs not to thank him alone but also appreciate and thank his wife also. He further stated that men who respect their wives always listen to them, adding that as such, the brother’s benevolence towards […]
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0 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Lol, you read that headline correctly people, the conversation between a jealous boyfriend and his girlfriend’s crush, which clearly means his girlfriend is not that into him. A Twitter user has shared the screenshots of the convo between these two men after one found […]
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0 1. When she’s drunk. When all of her inhibitions, her insecurities, and her innocence flutters away. When she isn’t thinking over her words — once, twice, three times — before she speaks. When she says whatever pops into her intricate mind and moves with a clumsy grace. 2. When she’s with her best friends. When she laughs hard at nonsensical jokes, without […]
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0 African American couple outside The need to have someone special in your life may make you overlook some vital qualities you should pay attention to in a long-term partner. This need puts you in a position where you illuminate unimportant qualities and become a slave to emotional rush. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All […]
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0 If you’ve ever wondered if jealousy is normal in a healthy relationship, yeah, you’re not crazy — it totally is. “If you are human, you have been jealous at some point in time,” says relationship therapist Rebecca Hendrix. But if you’re constantly picking fights about your partner’s ex liking his Instagram pics, that might be a […]
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0 Twitter famous OAP, @DamiElebe took to her Twitter page to share a heartbreaking story about an old friend of hers who did all sorts in the name of love and eventually came out badly broken. The detailed story highlights the woman’s wild ways prior to her meeting this man who effortlessly stole her heart […]
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0 Her ordeal was posted by a user in a women’s group. Officer Nucho and his girlfriend Carol A Kenyan police officer has allegedly resorted to physically assaulting his girlfriend and sharing her nude photos for breaking up with him. Nur Nucho, an officer stationed at Korogocho area of Kenya, reportedly posted nude photos of his girlfriend, Carol, […]
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0 Fear of ruffling your significant other’s feathers can cause you to clam up when it comes to talking honestly about sex. But sweeping hard-to-tackle topics under the rug can make finding out the answers (and changing bedroom behavior!) even harder. These must-have conversations are important to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship—and with […]

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Pastor Mike Bamiloye has said a word of prayer for single men saying ladies who aren’t God’s will for them should turn down their proposals. Saying a word of prayer for men carrying visions and destinies of multitudes, Pastor Mike prayed that all ladies who are not God’s will for their life turn down their proposals. According […]
Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has pulled down the dignity of Linda Ikeji’s wealth after she made it known on Twitter that the popular blogger is not wealthy as she claims. Kemi Olunloyo alleged that Linda Ikeji has been cunny all her life, she says the blogger does not have it it all and her car was a gift. She also […]

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