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Cheating is definitely one of the crack that can lead to an untimely destruction of a loving relationship, because of the flaunting characteristics in human behavior,while most people view sexual contact as the ultimate betrayal, the other activities, while perhaps innocent at the outset, aren’t so black-and-white. but no matter what, cheating is cheating. Read […]
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There is no how two peoples will walk together without getting into a little misunderstanding. But in relationship, it is very important to avoid misunderstanding which could lead to the end of your relationship with your partners. There are many reasons why lovers often go into disagreement or get into sudden misunderstanding which often lead […]
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1. When she’s drunk. When all of her inhibitions, her insecurities, and her innocence flutters away. When she isn’t thinking over her words — once, twice, three times — before she speaks. When she says whatever pops into her intricate mind and moves with a clumsy grace. 2. When she’s with her best friends. When she laughs hard at nonsensical jokes, without worrying […]

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Pastor Mike Bamiloye has said a word of prayer for single men saying ladies who aren’t God’s will for them should turn down their proposals. Saying a word of prayer for men carrying visions and destinies of multitudes, Pastor Mike prayed that all ladies who are not God’s will for their life turn down their proposals. According […]
Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has pulled down the dignity of Linda Ikeji’s wealth after she made it known on Twitter that the popular blogger is not wealthy as she claims. Kemi Olunloyo alleged that Linda Ikeji has been cunny all her life, she says the blogger does not have it it all and her car was a gift. She also […]

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