The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has responded to the fire outbreak at an area of the structure lodging the Political race and Gathering Checking Division close by the Media Place.

In an announcement sent to Legislative issues NIGERIA on Friday by its Director of Data and Voter Instruction, Festus Okoye, the commission said the structure is an addition withdrawn from the principle working of its base camp.

As indicated by Okoye, just some furnishings and hardware were wrecked in the fire outbreak, including that the episode won’t influence the tasks of the commission.

The INEC commissioner noticed that nothing delicate was decimated in the fire. He included that reports of gathering primaries, shows, and battle fund database were not influenced

He, in any case, said the commission will dispatch an examination concerning the reason for the fire outbreak.

“At 11.30am today, 17 April 2020, a fire outbreak happened at a segment of the structure lodging the Political race and Gathering Observing Office and the Media Community,” he said.

“The structure is an extension, segregated from the principle working of the Independent National Electoral Commission’s central command.

“Fire fighters connected to the Commission quickly reacted to contain the inferno and they were later joined by their partners from the Government Fire Administration base camp in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

“The fire was smothered inside a brief timeframe and didn’t make any significant harm the structure.

“Aside from some office furniture and gear, nothing touchy was pulverized. Reports of gathering primaries and shows are flawless. The battle account database is additionally not influenced.

“The episode (the fire outbreak) will in this way not influence the managerial or specialized tasks of the Commission in any capacity.”

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