Having a crush or two is what teenagers dwell on as a fantasy these days. Despite the awesome feeling of loving someone secretly or openly as a fan, we all have someone that we would like then to have reciprocated feeling for us, dwelling in one side love is mostly centered on celebrities. But if you have someone you want a forever moment with, here are some unbelievable signs that your crush definitely likes you back!


Stealing unaware glances

Definitely they wouldn’t want you to know they fine you attractive, might be due to self esteem, but it might just be they are naturally shy. Of course it depends if the glances are “ lovey dovey glance” you know all those” near but distance glance” sincere attraction makes one stupid at times, your beloved will be near you but you’d not even know what to do but gaze lovingly at them unaware,so stealing unexpected glances at you while you are doing stuffs can also be granted as one of the signs to take note of.

Lending you a supporting hand without you asking

This concept might be normal, but it’s definitely a sign you need to take note of. Most people doesn’t really like offering a hand to people whether you in need or so, but that’s a different case when you like someone. There’s something I called “ Love don’t stress” naturally if you like someone, you’d always want the person to be happy regardless of how tiring or unpredictable it is, so when you crush offers to help you out on assignment, chores or even small things as making coffee or tea, especially if it’s done with utmost care and attention, people would never want to be embarrassed or ridiculed by the person they like so they’d do things very carefully in their present until they are certain the person actually have reciprocated feeling for them. Even if the person that helps you out most is not your crush, this is one of the signs for you to know that the person actually have you on his/her mind, so you have to treat them well regardless of if you love them or not.

They make slight contact with you


Let’s reckon that your crush doesn’t solely live on Instagram or any internet person, But you’d surely have met them in person or your childhood crush. A good way to figure out whether or not someone is into you is to pay attention to whether or not they find ways to touch you. Touching you on the shoulder or back, grabbing your forearm when excited, or especially brushing a hand against your leg or knee are definitely a sign that your crush actually like you back. Now, some people are more touchy-feely then others, so you don’t want to entirely rely on whether or not they are displaying physical affection. Plenty of people also tense up around people they like, so if your crush doesn’t touch you at all but seems particularly quiet or nervous around you, that could also be a sign they like you back.

Making more eye contact with you

Supposedly, your crush is a shy person if of course they’d want you to read it in their eyes or behaviors, or perhaps they just want to form a kinda link with you, maintaining an eye contact is sometimes very romantic and unpredictable. When four eyes met there always be some chemistry passing on and some electric sizzling buzzing through you. Nah, don’t ignore it .. long eye contact at arm length always leads to kiss, because the chemistry will be too strong to break, if you get an unexpected kiss in that particular moment then, the person in question definitely likes you right back!!

Although, nobody wants to get their heart broken these days, and it’s making people so evasive with their feelings. So many people are worried that having feelings for someone else is making them too vulnerable But look, crushes are great, and trust me relationships are far better,then you can show PDA to whoever with full rights, If you are constantly looking for proof that’s awesome. But maybe you should just go ahead and ask them out if you’re curious. The worst thing that’ll happen is that you’ll flatter somebody! Then you can laugh it off and either secretly crushing or move on.

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