Millions of teenagers even adult in this age suffers from Glossophobia. The word glossophobia derives from the Greek γλῶσσα glōssa, meaning tongue, and φόβος phobos, fear or dread. Some people have this specific phobia, while others may also have broader social phobia or social anxiety disorder.

Glossophobia also know as speech anxiety is sometimes imbedded in individuals by either themselves or peep group, it can also be aftermath of a trauma they experienced when they are younger. Due to the fact that we all deal with challenges and setbacks different ways will make me outline more ways on how to deal with speech anxiety.

*Tackle your inferiority complex*

This is the first huddle to surface, let me tell you there’s no how you can overcome glossophobia If you always feel inferior to your mates or the public in general, there’s no how you’d feel free to say whatever you wanna say if the fear of “what if I’m saying the wrong thing” or “what if they laughed at me” is rooted deeply in your heart. Facing the audience is no easy work, but don’t let the million eyes looking at you intimidate you, the worst they’d say is “not good enough” you should take their critics and discrimination as your inspiration. Turn whatever they say to you as an inspiration to work more and more, and before you know it what they say wouldn’t matter than it usually is.

*fasten your belt after a fall*

Yes, I know how it feel if one fall, it’s very hard to gather courage to do the same thing again, but if you don’t how will you be able to tell the world you learnt from the experience? If you’ve once addressed a public and you were faced with lots of critics of course it will deem your self esteem, you’d not want to repeat it because of the fear of getting misjudgment again. But my dear, “it takes lots of breaks to make a building” don’t let that fall shape you into what you ain’t! Yes you failed once but it’s not the end of the world! Don’t let a failure or failures make you someone with inferiority complex, according to Gbenga Giwa, he said “ if you try once and it failed, name it version one” that’s the spirit! !

*Put in more effort*

Sometimes, social critics may be right sometimes, even sometimes they are always right, because there are thousand voices out there and they all can’t be wrong against you, so you need to patch your linen where it’s torn, but it more effort and try your best, take the audience as yourself, “what would you like to hear”? The audience won’t bite you! Don’t be flustered or intimidated by the audience.

*Look beyond the crowd*

After all this if you still find your self battling with glossophobia then this is the last step, whenever you are talking in a public. Low your gaze, zoom into your world, assume you are the only one in the hall, look far above the audience head! Speak from your heart, continue that’s way until you are done your speech, I can assure you if you do this some couple of times, you’d be able to speak in public and overcome “Glossophobia

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