I suppose when some of y’all saw the heading of this article, you’d be like what is she saying, but nevertheless, school is really overrated, there so many factors that leads to success and it’s not until you passed through the four corners of school until you’d be successful, there are so many young individual out there that didn’t have the advantage to learning in a well condition or even at all any school, but later in life they made big waves.

Enfocing school and degree on a young individual that doesn’t have the zeal for it is like taking a horse to the stream, you can force it to the stream but not force it to drink, that’s the way of life, we all have segments and angle we are good in, and you don’t have to go to school to be educated, being literate doesn’t mean you have to go to school, university and all.. you can have a teacher at home, a friend, even anyone can be your teacher as long as they are versed in that particular field, getting a degree is just a prove, but not everyone with a degree is learned, some are just stupid fools with a B.A.

Not everyone wanna be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, not everyone wants to sit behind a desk!, not everyone wants a white collar job, so why did they have to go through the stress of statistics, mathematics and logistics?? Why did they have to use some of their youthful years to study in school?

Today here with me, I have two young individuals here to contribute and give us more insights as to why formal learning or why school is overrated.

Interviewer: Good day!, Mr David.. can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mr David: Yeah, good day guys! Thanks for having me y’all, I’m David, an artiste popularly known as daive!

Interviewer : I bet our readers are glad to have you here, Mr David! Can you please tell our readers your age and your educational level?

Mr David: Of course, I’m just 21 years old, currently studying in Peter kings, a music school, offering a professional music course and learning of music instruments.

Interviewer: Wow, Peter Kings? I’m not sure I’ve heard of that musical college before! So Mr David, when did you discover your talent? And did you experience any hindrance from your parents, friends or anyone?

Mr David: Well the music school is located at badagry and my humble readers can Google it for more clarification, and yeah, I’ve been singing since I was 11 I think, doing covers of songs I love, discovered i can vibe to beats and I have rhythms
Well my parents are the “do what u want” type as far as it isn’t illegal.
Well my friends have been supportive, they are my motivation.

Interviewer: That’s very good, it would have been great if other young artistes out there too have an encouraging parents as yours, parental criticism of talent over formal education is one of the major setbacks a young artiste face these days

Mr David: Yeah, and that’s so bad, if your children have talents, don’t be a hindrance for them to showcase it.

Interviewer: This talent…I mean singing and writing songs…was it a natural talent or was it cultivated through hardwork?

Mr David: Lol, this is actually a great question, It’s a natural talent, but talent isn’t everything, my first song lacked professionalism, doesn’t mean I’m not talented but I just haven’t worked hard enough to discover the kinda genre I should do, Music is wide, it takes talent, hardwork and enlightenment to excel, we never reach there tho, but we moving!!

Interviewer: I’ve never thought music is this wide, so how good are you now in song writing and singing? Rate yourself over 10!

Mr David: I’ll give myself 8, I could have rated myself 10, but I’d do that when I master some genres I’m Lowkey learning.

Interviewer: 8!! That’s awesome! So we should be expecting another starboy in the music industry any moment from now right? Haha

Mr David: Lol, what’s greater than star? Lemme just say y’all expect planet boy, hehehe..

Interviewer: Readers!! Expect planet boy!! Yeahh, hahaha , What is the most challenging moment since you started this music stuff?

Hey readers !! Stay active for the second series!! Where we’d continue our Interview with Mr David AKA planet boy!! And we’d also welcome Another indigenous young individual!

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      Nice, waiting on the second series

      • February 15, 2020

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        Keep scrolling, I’ve released the second series

        Thanks for you comment!!

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