Welcome back readers, yeah i know it took a long, we still have Mr David here with us.

Interviewer: right Mr. David?

Mr David: Yes, I’m still right here!

Interviewer: What is the most challenging moment since you started this music stuff?

Mr David: Arrggh!! That was when I wanted to release a song some years back, worked with the producer and the sound was wack, I already announced when I wanted to drop the jam to my fams (I don’t call them fans)
Unfortunately wack sound came through, no time to adjust, had to drop it, I couldn’t even afford to blog it on a good site, It was so challenging.

Interviewer: And did they listen to it? Or did you receive any criticism on it?

Mr David: Well they commended my lyrics, but complained on the wack mastering as I expected.

Interviewer: Awwwn, that must have took a toil on you.

Mr David: Oh mehn, it really did.

Interviewer: Mr David, if you haven’t discover this talent.. what will you be doing?

Mr David: Lol ,Should I start listing? I’m a forex and crypto trader ,An art designer, Per time baker and at most I’m a digital marketer.

Interviewer: At such a young age! I’m impressed Mr David, very impressed! Do you ever regret walking this path?

Mr David: Oh thank you 🥰, Nah nah, and I won’t, no matter what I face along the line, the story would be wack if I give up!

Interviewer: Alright Mr David, what do you have to say to our readers who have talents but doesn’t have the same zeal for formal education.

Mr David: They should just look for a means to educate themselves, In one way or the other education is useful for any type of talent so u won’t be selling your hard work and gift to one educated fraud! Degree is just a proof, just be educated, understand how your line of talent works, how to sell your brand and stuffs, degree or not just get yourself educated, you get me? There are pdfs out here teaching people how to be successful in their line of talents, don’t just sit there!!

Interviewer: terrific! Thanks for sharing your opinion with us, we hope we’d be seeing you here again!

Mr David: It’s a pleasure being here ma’am

Hope y’all learnt one thing or the other in Mr David’s interview, now let’s move to our other indigenous youngster!! Welcome Mr Adetola Brownie!!

Interviewer: Mr Adetola, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mr Adetola: I’m Adetola Brownie, I’m An OnlinePR, Blogger, Comedy Skit Maker, Music Promoter and Content Developer.

Interviewer: Wow, Mr Adetola.. that’s terrific you do a lot of things simultaneously….. can you please tell our readers your age and your educational level?

Mr Adetola: Well, I’m 26 and I actually dropped out of school when I was in Ss1..

Interviewer: Oh, I’m sure there are some people out there that will understand,
So Mr Adetola, when did you find out that this OnlinePR, blogging and comedy skit is your calling and not some desk work?

Me Adetola: Well I didn’t know I was into that at first, I didn’t even know there was something like PR or sort of, I didn’t go to school, internet taught me a lot, for someone who have been living his whole life on the internet, what do you expect? That’s when I knew I could start making a living on social media, took my time to learn this blogging stuff on YouTube! and the comedy skit was just a thing I used in passing time, but then everything changed,

Interviewer: How good are you now in PR and blogging stuff now?

Mr Adetola: As good as the ones y’all are paying now!

Interviewer: Oh really! So we should be expecting the male version of Linda ikeji anytime from now?

Mr Adetola: No ma, You should be expecting a new version of me.

Interviewer: When you discover this talent we’re you hindered by any factor? Be it your parents, friend or anyone?

Mr Adetola: Yeah parents, came from a background where they thought the best way in life is to learn work, get a wife, give birth and have a family, but I’ve always wanna break that yoke, and the breakthrough was that they bought a television, seeing celebrities on TV and all, made me determined that I want to be on screen one day.

Interviewer: Do you regret ever taking this path?

Mr Adetola: Never

Interviewer: smiles I like your determination spirit, Mr Adetola, what do you have to say on our today’s topic “School is overrated”?

Mr Adetola: Yeah, school is overrated! We Africans have this mentality, if you ain’t in school, you suck!, The thing is most of us are in school for the certificate, there are loads of educated people out there who didn’t make it to school, they set up a company and end up employing people who spend there whole life in school, I’m not saying school isn’t essential, but we can always do something else if we don’t make it to school, I’ve seen loads of students, and I asked myself this questions, how did they pass jamb to gain admission?

Interviewer: Hmm, I’m enlightened by your words Mr Adetola…
What do you have to say to our readers out there who have talent but doesn’t have the same zeal for formal education?

Mr Adetola: creativity, exploring are all part of education, this is not about the school you are, get a phone and put on yourdata!Google whatever and learn how to use your YouTube app, whatever you do, just get phone and sell yourself on social media!

Interviewer: even I myself learnt a lot from this interviewer and I’m sure our readers too did, thank you for being here with us today Me Adetola, we wished you success in anything you put your heart into.

Mr Adetola: you are welcome ma’am

Now that we’ve read from both sides, we can see that school is not everything, white collar job is not everything! What should a vulcanizer do? A make up artists? A designer? A stylist? All this professions doesn’t need you to be in school 24/7 ..they are your talents, they are work you can do well!! God gave you this talent , USE IT!

To listen to Mr David latest single Click Here

You can also search for Mr Adetola on Instagram & Twitter @icraze6 .. make their dream come through!! If you are interested in being our next interviewee message me directly on WhatsApp @ 09083403625

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