A Relationship is like a seesaw game, and for every receiving end, there must be a corresponding giving end. As much as one sided love is enthralling and exciting to some people, we all wanted to be loved and cherished right back by the person we love.

Being in a relationship with someone we love is a connection everyone wants to feel at whatever age in life, there’s no age or time frame in love, but what happens if the person you love doesn’t feel it anymore? these are the red flag that tells you when to back off

Insensitivity: showing no feeling or concern for someone, This attitude is a condensing one and it kills love faster than cheating, this is a situation whereby the loving and caring person you once knew turned to a totally uncaring person, the tender words twirled into something impregnable, it’s really scary. Insensitive in any part is very toxic, imagine the love of your life became someone that couldn’t.

A friend of mine once said, ”I’d rather let him go than watch him become some one I hate” yeah that’s what you will feel like if you stay when your partner turned on his/her insensitive side, come on, I know you wanna say if you stay steadfast he/she will wake up…nah they won’t, whatever makes someone to be that cruel to you means you not as significant you think to them.

Over reacting: eww, this is gross, I certainly hate this particular attitude, like if you tired of me, tell me already, what the ”f**k”….When you partner starts over reacting on every damn things and doesn’t leave room for you to elucidate what exactly occurred, trust me they are definitely waiting for the right time to break up. Imagine someone that knows you work late shifts and it’s been that way since the beginning of the relationship starts complaining and over reacting without giving you a chance to explain, that’s the I’m waiting for you to bite the hook” system.

Negligence: this attitude is the ” take the hint” manner that some people use when they are tired of the relationship, the cease doing the stuff that makes you happy, the things that makes up he relationship, some people go to the extends of totally ignoring the partner without a reason, this is actually a slow acting method, it starts from skipping intended dates, anniversaries and other important things between you guys.

When you notice this red flags instead of crying or downgrading yourself, chin up and discuss it with your partner, actually all this might be done by your partner unknowingly, wait for some time for a change, if there’s a change in your partner after the good talk, cheers!!! But if there’s ain’t then my dear readers, it’s time to close that particular chapter and move on.

Remember you are unique and you will always find someone that will love you for yourself.

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    • May 6, 2020

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      Nice piece babe


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