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Countless number of Nigerian citizen today put blame on the government or the economy because of their inability to get a job or put food on their table, to us our government is our messiah, if any misfortune befall a Nigeria citizen, they next song they individual will start chanting is “This is all because of Nigeria Economy”, “our leaders are at fault “. Some even blame it on their parents, whereas it’s their indolence, you can’t sit somewhere and expect someone to notice you. Those successful people out there, had it been they depend on their economy or Country, do you think they will be well known? This world is survival of the fittest, elimination of the unfit and you can’t be a snail in a forest full of hyenas.

Not long ago, our President Muhammad Buhari called us “Lazy Nigeria youth” we all flared up and took it wrongly, youths started retweeting and blaming the government, even Buhari that “if there are jobs opportunities won’t they work” No wait, tell me! Will job opportunities come to your father’s house to find you? You need to go out there create something new, be creative, be open to new ideas! Leave your comfort zone, no one is gonna help you if you don’t help yourself first, an adage says “you can only ask someone to help you with your bucket when it’s full” exactly, how can you sit somewhere and blame others for your inability to get a job? No one is responsible for another, even if they are your parents or family, if they gave you something today and tomorrow, they will surely be reluctant to extend a giving hand the next day, not because they are stingy but because they expect you to find something doing.

There are some certain cases in which you can blame the government of your country, if there’s a situation whereby the government didn’t provide any public enterprises or a governmental companies in which individuals can get a job and make a living, or there are no social amenities, that’s when you can blame the government. But in our country case there’s no such situation, we have hundreds of public enterprises and government owned company where we can work an earn a living….

Yes I know! everything is down to connection, that is why we are all advice to learn a handiwork or a trade, no matter how many public or private companies we have in Nigeria we all can’t be working behind a desk, even some people don’t like working for another person, so why don’t you learn a vocation and get yourself a job and even employ others? This is something we all have to think of! With yourself as a boss, you won’t experience cases like, “insufficient salary”, “Precipitous termination of employment “ and other cases that salary earned deals with.

Now let’s go back to our economy, it’s a known fact that Nigeria economy isn’t encouraging at all, so many goods we are suppose to buy at a certain amount increases abruptly due to some circumstances, even some goods that are planted or invented by we citizens ourselves, guaranteed the economy is bad! But do you see those big men complaining about it? Of course not! That’s why you also have to try your very best to succeed in this country.

Always have it at the back of your mind that “success comes not to those that started but those that ended it” you can’t stop half way and expect to see full result, get your ass up and find something worthwhile to do, something legal that can bring you an income, when you become rich, price of rice or garri won’t even matter to you, only you can untie those shackles! Stop blaming the economy or the government! Go out there and make us WOW!.

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