Human being feelings are naturally erratic and can be swayed by anything either by force or by choice, there are some times in life that we will be confused about who we truly are, occasionally we’d get lost and live a life a false life but later get back on track, most of the times, it will be late to get back to who we truly are, 10% may actually be able to go back and strengthen their life but not everyone will have that privilege. Whenever you feel troubled or confused these are the question you need to ask your self.

Are you happy?:

As tricky as this question sounds, it needs proficient and thorough thinking, also the observation of your daily life, it might really sound somehow, but have you truly look at yourself and smiled? Your family and your surroundings does it makes you happy? Sometimes you’d think you are happy because you are adapted to your current life so much you couldn’t identify forced happiness from a genuine one, sometimes it might just be you confusing yourself that you are happy, where as you aren’t, everyone have only one life to live, and it’s really essential for you to be happy, being alive without “happiness” is like living in a dungeon with no spark of light.

Are you living the life of your choice?:

This is also another odd question that should ask yourself at a particular time in life, so many people have succumbed to parental bully, societal critics, and peer pressure that they are lost and they have no hope to return of which resulted in living a life pirated by another.

The way you want to live your life shouldn’t be sculptured by another, for one important reason “It is your life” and you should have full responsibility for it, as long as you ain’t retard or having mental issues. Your parent, friends, and spouse can only give their suggestions, it’s your sole choice whether to accept it or not, some people decision and suggestion might affect your life positively and the other way round, but if you use that opinion without thinking about the pros and cons, trust me if the opinion eventually went awry you’d blame the person that gave you the opinion first before blaming yourself, which is why you need to think to be responsible to yourself whether is gain or loss.

If you die presently, will you have regrets?:

Awwn, this sounds like some old shits!, yeah I know, Don’t worry you won’t die any time soon, but dearest, are you truly living a life with no regret? If you actually die this minute, will you honestly have no regret? Those life decisions you make will you really not regret it? The matters you left unattended to? The people you made oath never to talk to? The books you left unopened? Dreams you haven’t achieved? Will you truly not regret it?

I will always stand with the fact that ”live your daily life as if it’s your last” live your life as if you are gonna die the next day, you want something? Go and get it!, someone offend you? Tell the person and get that sh*t of your mind, You have a secret fantasy? Indulge in it!, this is not being wild or willful. This is you living your life the way you want, the way that makes you happy, there’s no point in living if you restricted yourself to some things, that’s like imprisoning yourself. someone once said to me ”everything in life is chaperoned by choice, you can either die to live or live to die” at first I couldn’t grasp it until recently, that what he meant was that you can either choose to live your life pathetically and wrongful to the extends that can’t be considered as living, that’s you dying to live, and you can also choose to live your life enjoyably, and vitally while patiently waiting for death.

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