Sexual assault is now the order of the day. You can see it trending in both Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #EndRape, #SayNoToRape and many more. Of course, rape is one of the major problems a country like Nigeria is facing. Where ladies can not walk freely at night. Where everyone of them are now getting afraid of their male friends. This is a country where a girl will be raped and still be killed thereafter.

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It is very devastated that some people are heartless. This ranges from a father who takes delight in having affair with his own daughter without her consent, and even a boy who forcefully engage in an intercourse with his girlfriend.

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A popular actress, Genevieve Nnaji tweeted recently that women and girls are now living in constant fear of men. Of course, I can not agree less. This is not the time we start arguing that not all men are involved. This is the time we should all join hands together to combat the devilish act called RAPE.

Researches have shown that female gender is more vulnerable to rape. As a matter of fact, they attract more sympathy than their male counterpart.

This is why every young girl, ladies and women should know how to prevent themselves from this social vice called RAPE. Nobody could explain the trauma that comes after one is being raped. Some people decided to keep mute so people won’t laugh at them. They prefer to be traumatized for life than to become an object of mockery.

However, in order to prevent rape and the trauma that comes thereafter, the female gender should consider these tips:

1. Avoid quiet/lonely places: This applies to every student that are in one institution or the other. Either teenagers in a boarding school/ secondary schools or adults in higher institution. Always avoid a quiet place so you can prevent strangers from pouncing on you. Most rape acts are being done in a very quiet place.

2. Learn how to speak out when someone is trying to assault you: In some cases, you could notice someone has been trying to assault you. He might have been giving you the greenlight with the way he is acting toward you. Maybe he has been touching you in places you don’t like. Don’t hesitate to speak out when such things happen. You could speak to your friends or better still, report to the police.

3. Run when you notice a group of boys walking toward you: this is very important. Most times, ladies walk alone in a place where there are few people. So if you find yourself in a lonely road, and you notice group of men or boys are coming toward you, you should RUN!

4. Avoid walking alone in the dark: This is very important. Majority of people that are being raped mostly get raped at night. It is very important to prevent yourself from being raped by avoid walking alone at night. You could walk with a group of your friends, siblings or your elder brother.

5. Learnt how to defend yourself: most times, self-defense is the key. When you find yourself in a situation whereby you can’t run or there isn’t any escape route for you again, you have to defend yourself. Maybe by hitting something on him then find a way to escape thereafter. Even the constitution supports self-defense.

6. Don’t hesitate the urge to report any harassment to the police: if you’ve ever been sexually harassed, maybe someone touch your breasts or spank your booty, you shouldn’t hesitate to report to the nearest police station. Physical sexual harassment often leads to rape if care is not taken.

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