It is very obvious that COVID-19 is spreading widely across the globe. Businesses and shops are being shut down. Schools, markets and even worship centers are being closed. But as a businessman who wants to maintain the steadiness and flow of his business, you must be able to stay connected with your customer during this period of pandemic lockdown which is currently affecting the whole world.

Recently Channel TV reports that the 36 state governors in Nigeria have recommended a two-week national inter-state lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Which means a lot of business outlets and private sectors will be affected.

It is of no doubt that even after this pandemic, many people would’ve lost their customers just because they were unable to keep in touch with them during the lockdown.

However, as a business man who wants his business to progress and grow beyond his expectations, you have to consider the following tips in order to keep your customers in touch:

1. Regular update on your page: This is the right time you should start creating brainstorming and engaging contents on your Facebook business page, Instagram and Twitter handles. You should seize this opportunity to keep your customers abreast on what is trending, latest and how best you will serve them after Covid-19 lockdown.

Updating on Facebook business page

2. Customer relations and frequent check: Since everyone is at home except health workers and few other peoples, you should create time to chat with your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or through your SMS. You can also seize the opportunity to call them so as to know about their well-beings. The following tips will help you to relate with your customers

• Chat them online

•Frequent SMS

• Call them to ask about their well-beings

3. Shift some of your activities online: There are few things you can actually do online in order to keep your customers in touched. Like going live on your page to ask them on ways you can serve them better. You can also use the opportunity to ask them your weaknesses and lapses so you can improve on them as soon you resume.

4. Give out palliative items if you can: This is another way you can stay in touch with your customers. This might not be easy for every businessmen especially those with small scale businesses, but for those who can afford the cost, they should try to reach out to their customers by giving them necessary items needed for their quarantine. The following are items you can give:

• Foodstuffs

• Hand Sanitizer

• Face masks

• Recharge card and data if possible, you can also do giveaway, this will increase the numbers of your followers and customers after the lockdown is over.

5. Educate your customers on necessary informations: Every business changes as time changes. So as a business man, you have to use this opportunity to educate your customers on what they need to know about your business. For example, a fashion designer should use the opportunity to educate his customer on classical designs they could rock. Another example, is a beauty stylist should also educate and inform his/her customers on trendy styles.

In conclusion, every business has its own patterns, styles and methods, but every business man who wants his business to keep growing should learn how to keep in touched with his customers during this global emergency.

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