Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.- Dalai Lama XIV

It is not the situation that you find yourself that will make you happy, rather, it is how you react to every situation you find yourself. The moon does not struggle to shine at night — this is to tell you that some people find it easy to smile always because they know they will surely overcome their darkness.

However, in order to secure happiness in this world that is full of hurdles and waves, below are few things we should try to do:

1. Accept yourself the way you are (Self acceptance) : This is the first key to always stay happy. If you do not like yourself the way you are then you will always feel bad and feel sad with yourself. God has created us in a good and perfect way, so if you’re feeling that you’re not beautiful, remember that you are God’s image— the product of his perfection. You are not a bye product, your being alive is not a mistake; that is why you should always be happy the way you are. If you are a short boy, a fat girl, or you’re having one disability or the other it does not mean you can not be great or effect change. Our values in life does not apply to our physical appearance. So change your perception about yourself to positive ones!

2. Be happy with the success of others: of course, life is not a competition. You should stay happy if your friend is thriving than you, it is just a matter of time, you will also thrive! Envy and jealousy can kill your peace and this will succeed in making you feel unhappy . therefore, be happy with your friends and other people if they are doing well, that is another key to live an happy life.

3. Avoid idle talks : Sitting down with people and talking about irrelevant things won’t make you happy. This will only open your eyes to things you should hate about others. If you sit with people and gossips about others, it will breed hatred and hatred won’t give you happiness.

4. Avoid unrealistic expectations : Shakespeare says “expectation always hurt ” you will not be happy if you expect too much from others. If you keep on expecting someone to do something from you or if you’re expecting someone to act according to your wish, they may dissapoint you and kill your happiness. Happiness comes if you’re not expect anything from humans, because humans may fail.

5. Take responsibility: happiness comes if we’re always responsible for things we do and actions we take. You should not depend on people to help you take responsibility, you’ll be dissapointed! Rather, be responsible for whatsoever you do.

6. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes: when we fail and fall, we should be ready to rise. No one is meant to be perfect! Things are not meant to come easily that’s why we must fail in order to improve. So when you fail or make mistakes, see it as a normal thing and do not get worried too much about it, rather move on.

7. Avoid getting worried about the past : someone must have gilted you in the past or you must have found yourself in a very messy situation in the past, do not get worried about it. Happiness doesn’t grow when you keep remembering things that broke you in the past. Move on!

8. Cover your pains with a smile: No matter any situation you may find yourself, always cover your pain with a smile. Don’t let the dark days overcome you, be like the moon that glows in a dark sky.

9. Watch movies, read books and listen to music that will make you happy: Both music and movies have their roles to play in giving us happiness. We can easily secure happiness by simply watching video clips, comic movie and as well listening to inspirational songs. You can try to surf the internet for comedy clips, this will give you happiness! And books — you become what you read, if you read too much of dark books, then you are heading to depression. But if you read inspirational and motivational books, of course you will find happiness.

10. Avoid fear and anxiety : these are things that will steal your happiness. If you’re afraid that you won’t achieve greater things in life, of course you won’t be happy. Always set your thoughts above the storms of life. And watch how happiness will flow like rivers in your mind!

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