Travaholics Inc tasked Bossmeek Media to design and developa website that will be client-centric and conversion optimised. Our team combined unique design elements that referenced the industry, along with an easy-to-use website platform, content management system, and marketing tools for future success


For the site’s design elements we wanted to be true to their established brand and logo, so we carried the brand colors throughout the new page designs.

We also performed keyword research to improve SEO efforts and increase organic rankings.

Additionally, we created offer pages, and integrated forms, this included, email marketing, and Inbound lead generation tactics to efficiently convert website visitors, and in return we got this;

  • 58.15% Increase in Organic Users
  • 50.67% Increase in Organic Sessions
  • 13.75% Increase in Total Sessions
  • 15.99% Increase in Total Users
  • 17.7% Increase in Form Submission