No matter how hard you try, you just can’t sleep. 

Turning to your left, you watch him sleep and begin to wonder if everything was worth it – his love.

You knew you weren’t enough for him and finding out about her was a mere confirmation. 

It’s been three years or so since you found out about her existence. 

You can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. It was during one of those ‘girls-timeout’ with Lola, Tonia and Kike. Actually, it was more of a ‘condolence meeting’, as Kike had just discovered that her boyfriend of six years was cheating on her. 

You had been very instrumental in this discovery. It was you who saw Sam in the arms of another lady. It was the same you who launched an investigation. When you found out the mystery lady wasn’t just his girlfriend, that she was in fact his baby mama, like the ‘Good Samaritan’ you felt you were, you couldn’t wait to tell Kike, so you broke the news to her over the phone.

Your other friends didn’t see anything good in your supposedly good deed. There, at the eatery you guys had chosen to meet, they made their feelings known to you.

“Why didn’t you tell us first?”

How could you be so insensitive? Telling her over the phone?”

Why do you always act like your relationship is perfect? “

Even when we found out about your Femi, did we tell you? No!!”

Even when…”

The speaker had stopped at this point, realising she had gone too far. 

You can’t remember now if it was Tonia or Lola, but you can still recall the look of horror on Kike’s face. 

You didn’t let the matter die, not even when  the speaker tried to rephrase her last statement. 

Found out what about Femi?!” You had yelled.

The details came out in a rush, but you did get the keywords. Femi, another woman, Abuja. You didn’t bother asking how they knew, there was enough evidence. All those trips to Abuja. No wonder. 

In less than twenty minutes, Kike’s condolence meeting became yours. 

After tons and tons of stupid advice on how to ‘tackle’ the matter, you went home.

He didn’t deny it when you confronted him. 

Still you stayed. 

After all, didn’t he say you’re the one he loves and Sola (yes, the other woman ), a mistake? 

You stayed because you are a strong woman. Or are you not Motunrayo Alakija, the daughter of Babatunde Alakija Ajibade , the first seed of Bankole Ajibade Ajose, the great lion of Ife?

So, you stayed.

One year, five months and two miscarriages later, you gave him a present you knew he was dying to have. 


Hmmmm.  Bamidele. 

Everyone wondered why you gave her a name meant mainly for male children. You had your reasons. Oh yes. You did. 

In her name, laid a hidden message. Your own way of telling her father never to leave you, in his search for ‘greener pastures’.

But Femi, did he read between the lines? 

Of course not! Your Fabulous Femi wasn’t smart enough to get what you were hitting at. She’ll always be a part of his life. This,  you’re sure of. 

Last week Tuesday, he had traveled to Abuja and just returned today. He told you he was going there for a business meeting, but you knew he was lying. He also knew that you knew he wasn’t telling the truth. What hurts the most is that you knew he knew that you knew.  More like a nursery rhyme right? But that’s the truth.

You had been mad at him, Bamidele, everyone throughout his absence. But, when he came back today, you knew you couldn’t stay mad at him. And every single grain of anger you felt, evaporated when he gave you the necklace. 

Oh! The necklace. 

One minute you were lying next to Femi. The next, you had jumped out of bed, walking towards the dressing table where you had kept it. 

You sigh as you pick  it, caressing it. 

It must have cost a lot. Diamonds cost a fortune. As you finger each stone,  it hits you like a bomb.

The sudden realization that no matter the number of times you sacrifice your comfort, dignity and peace of mind, you can’t change the facts before you. 

You’ll always be the other woman. 

And she…his WIFE. 


Bamidele  is a Yoruba name given mainly to male children, though it is a unisex name. It means “follow me home

Picture Credit: jablogz.com

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