Discussing your salary and work benefits/bonuses with a colleague may look normal, however, it is not sensible and not safe to disclose what you earn with someone you work with. You may be wondering “I see nothing wrong in that, why shouldn’t I know a colleague’s salary and them knowing mine?” Here are four important reasons you shouldn’t discuss your salary with a co-worker or anyone.


1. It brings love-hate relationship between you and such colleague

Overtime, it has been recorded that one of the most common reasons co-workers hold grudges against each other is because of their differences in pay check.


When you discuss your salary with a co-worker and it happens that you are being paid more than they are, this can stir hatred within them and such colleague may feel underpaid, they may start avoiding you or hold unnecessary grudge against you.


2. It reduces workability

A colleague may feel bad or inferior knowing that his salary is too low compared to yours. And if it happens that his/her salary is higher than yours, pompousness sets in on their part while you feel less of yourself on your own part, leading to having low self-esteem. This may also affect your productivity negatively.


3. Segregation among workers

Discussing salary with a colleagues can bring separation among them.

There have been cases of division or segregation between high earners and low earners. When this happens, it creates a work environment that is not healthy for individuals and the company itself. 


4. People lie about their salaries

You do more harm to yourself when you disclose your salary to a colleague because people lie. A fellow staff can lie about their salary, they can either add to or subtract from the figure they earn. This can lead to you not performing your duties well, or becoming too proud. This can push you to demanding a raise from your boss instead of putting more effort into your work. You may end up losing your job for possessing a wrong information.


When you get a raise at work, keep it to yourself. These days, people respect you according to what you earn, keep them guessing.


It is better not to discuss your salary with a colleague, or even an outsider. If a friend asks how much you earn, just say “enough to feed me and pay my bills.”

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    • February 19, 2021

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