It was then I concluded within me that Vivian was one pathetic spoilt brat, so arrogant and annoying. I really tried my best to be nice but it seemed she didn’t deserve the better side of me. In her rush to get out of the cafeteria, she had left her flask behind, next to the chair I was sitting on.

I recalled her carrying it when she entered, I was not bothered, her problem was none of my business. I went on with my textbook because I had a test to be prepared for the following week. I was really lagging behind in my studies and it was showing in my CGPA, it was time to buckle down.

I checked the time on my phone screen, 5:45pm. “How time flies,” I thought. I packed my textbook, jotter amd pen in my backpack, exhausted, famished. I had the urge to buy snacks and a bottle of coke but I decided to save the money for a better meal, a plate of beans and bread at Mandate would be better. Mandate served the best beans on campus.

The evening had become cooler than it was during the day. I had told Toyosi and the others guys I would like to cover one topic before heading home. After zipping up my backpack, I was left with the choice of taking the nonsense girl’s flask with me or i should just leave it there, if someone else picked it up, it would be my pleasure.

I found myself arguing with my conscience, at the end, I picked it up, hoping to hand it over to her on Wednesday when we had class together. I’d been told some students from another department took a course of ours as elective, I was sure Vivian was one of them, but I didn’t know which department she was, I wasn’t sure if I’d seen her before our first encounter either.

It would be had getting a bus going to Obakekere around the cafeteria by this time of the day, so I had to trek a few distance to the first bus stop. I was trekking along the road when a Hyundai sport car that just passed by me reversed back, I didn’t pay much attention to its driver until I heard the honk of its horn…”peen peen.”

The driver was a female, I couldn’t make out who it was because the windows were semi-tinted in black. She wound down the window screen on the passenger’s side and there she was, Miss Arrogant. I looked straight into her eyes questioningly.

“I believe you have what belongs to me,” she said almost soberly.

I had almost forgotten I was carrying her flask in my right hand. 

“Oh,” I said surprisingly, realising for the first time how beautiful she was. She had changed out of the joggers and ladies’ singlet she had on about two hours ago into a blue jean and a plain black shirt, tight enough for me to make sense the size of her breasts —they were full to an extent, big just the way I liked them.

Her lips gloss made her mouth somewhat perfect and her makeup-free face shined brighter in the evening mood. Her weaved artificial hair which was bonded earlier was now flowing off her shoulder, down her back. 

“You left it behind,” I said as I stretched it towards her.

“Thank you,” she said with less cacophony in her voice this time around. I liked that.

“It’s not really hard to say, is it?”

“What,” she asked raising her brows.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“Oh, that, yeah.” I saw her mouth curve into a smile.

There was a pause.

Then I said, “I was going to give it to your friend during the next class anyways.”

“I really appreciate it, once again, thank you.”

“You are welcome,” I replied.

“So, I guess you’re heading towards south gate, can I drop you off?”

Did she just offer me a ride? Yes, she did. But in our ‘bro code of conduct’ “you don’t accept a girl’s ride on the first day.”

“No, thanks, I’m good,” I said.

“Are you that mad at me?”

“Nope,” I replied, shaking my head, though I hoped she still apologize.

“Ok, I’m sorry for how I addressed you earlier, also on Wednesday,” she was saying.

“Apology accepted. But seriously, I’ll be fine,” I insisted.

“You sure?” she asked.

“Sure, thanks,” I assured her.

“Ok then, see you on Wednesday?”

“Yeah, Wednesday…see you around.” I stood there and watched her put the car in motion, drive a distance and turn at a junction not far from the cafeteria, she honked at me when she passed by and I waved in answer.”




I really wished I’d accepted the ride, because by the time I got home, it was 20 minutes to 7pm and I was really drained. I stood at the bus stop for about thirty minutes before I concluded it was high time I put my legs into use. It took me about fifteen minutes to walk from the bus stop to south gate. I stopped at Mandate to get a packaged plate of beans and bread instead of eating it right there. Shortly, I was in front of my apartment.

I was about picking the key to my apartment from under the mat when I noticed it wasn’t there. Only one person knew where I usually kept the key, and that was Toyosi. If he was going to drop off at my place, he would have called earlier or told me before we went our separate ways after practice, and if he was inside, he always left his footwear outside, but none of these happened.

I was very sure I locked the door before leaving that morning, and Peju would never come to my place unannounced, even if she did, she didn’t know I kept my key there.

So, who could it be?

I turned the door handle, it wasn’t locked. I slowly pushed the door to be sure I had not been robbed. I heard the coins picking sound from Subway Surfers, then I realized I just won myself another guest that evening, lying right there in my bed.

Who came visiting, and for what reason? Find out in the next Episode.

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