Here are five major elements that keep two people together forever:



The ability to understand each other without saying much. The person you are compatible with is that person whom you share things in common with, or whose characters complement yours.

You can be compatible with someone in terms of values or in terms of attitude.


If you are the kind of person who talks a lot, you’ll be compatible with a partner who doesn’t talk much but would listen attentively to you. If you are fire in nature, you need a partner that is water in nature. For your relationship to run smoothly, you need someone who complements you in almost every way: sexually, financially, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically.



When you trust someone, it means you love them enough. Trust and love work hand in hand. The moment you start having the crazy idea of your partner cheating on you or doing what you don’t expect them to do, this is the beginning of the end of that relationship. Not trusting your partner automatically affects the love and affection you have for them.



This is one of the most important elements that makes relationships grow strong. A relationship will do great with other elements, but when money comes in it becomes greater. You need money to enjoy the full goodness in your relationship, you can’t push that fact aside. Money is important.



Sweet sex is a game booster, I’ll keep saying this. Nothing boosts your relationship’s intimacy better than great sex. The commonest reason people cheat on their partners, spouses is because of sex. If you and your partner are not sexually compatible and the situation is not getting any better, I’ll advise you both to put a full stop to that relationship before things get out of hand.


It’s better to remain single than be in a relationship whereby you cheat or you’re being cheated upon. Such relationship is not good for your mental health.


Effective communication:

Continuous meaningful communication is a game booster. Couples who converse together, play together, pray together, exercise together and do more together stay together. Communication is a channel that lets both of you have access into each other’s lives.


Communication allows you know each other better. It is not enough to just study your partner, you need good communication to understand them better.


It’s just like a class teacher teaching his students in a biology practical class, if he just asks the students to study the specimens without saying a word to them, how does he expect them to understand what they are studying.

You need to adopt that habit of communicating verbally or any other means available. Just communicate.

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