In Yola, seven self-confessed ‘witches’ have been arraigned before a Criminal Area Court for reportedly utilizing diabolical powers to bedevil a three-year-old girl with a malady.

The seven defendants, Halima Jonta,aged 60, one other woman on the run ,and five minors were rounded up and brought to the Criminal Area Court 1, Yola, by a community leader and Sarkin Mayu Adamawa, Kabiru Garba after learning the three-year-old state of health.

Jonta disclosed to the court that she and two other women had murdered seven people in the seven years she had been in witchcraft practice.

She said the five minors aged between four and six years, the woman still at large,as well as herself, had bewitched the three-year-old girl, brought to court still very unwell by her parents.

During their confession, the kid witches told the court that Jonta and the other woman now at large, asked them to tie the three-year-old and put a stone in her stomach. They also said a dead person was planted in her,which restrict her to live a normal life.

According to the witches, they had unbind her and removed the stone in her but that the death image in her remained because it was the woman at large, identified as Dudu, who placed the image in her and she is the only one who could remove it.

Ruling on the matter with specific reference with the kid witches, the Criminal Area Court 1 judge, Hon Umar Gangs, conveyed anger that children still so remote from maturity were initiated into witchcraft.

Gangs,however, ordered that Dudu should be located by all means and brought before the court,giving the accused a 24-hour ultimatum to extract all that they had inflicted the three-old-girl with and redeem her to perfect spirit.



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