One farmer, and his son caught with rustled cattle have been arrested in Gbajimba, Guma Local Government Area of Benue state.

It was disclosed by Rtd. Col. Paul Hemba,Special Adviser on Security to Gov. Samuel Ortom, that the farmer, Atsegba Ukua, and his son were nabbed by Livestock Guards on Friday while they were on their way to sell the cattle

According to Hemba, Ukua told Livestock Guards that he took the herd on his farm to compensate the losses as they devastated his crops.

“We do not accept Ukua’s explanation. He is a cattle rustler and will be treated as such. He and his son will be handed over to the police for prosecution.’’ Hemba countered.

He revealed that the six cattle would be given to Meytti Allah representatives to hand over to the owner when found.

However, Akua disclosed that in 2020 he seized several sheep in his farm and delivered same to Livestock Guards and the Army, but he did not hear from them again and was not compensated either. This, he elucidated, provoked him to take his latest step.



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