Patience as a virtue is priceless and quantifying its value can be something that could take a thousand years. Little wonder, people say that “The Patient Dog Eats The Fattest Bone”. This is just to draw our attention to the importance of patience.

Sadly enough, many people are unable to see the importance of this virtue. Hence, they make the conclusion that the patient dog most times ends up been a loser. This is why they approach life’s challenges using a rough shod approach. In the end, they lose their peace of mind, their health and some other treasurable things.

Many at times, we as humans do encounter and face situations that prove worrisome and it is as though the best thing is throwing in the towel. Waiting patiently can seem to be illogical and unreasonable. It is best however, to understand that the cost of impatience is much more greater than the cost of waiting patiently.

What then is the definition of this valuable treasure known as PATIENCE?

In simple terms, patience is the ability to wait especially when one is yet to achieve something. In some other ways, we could say patience is a display of a calm attitude and a gentle nature when things prove to be hard, somewhat difficult or complex.

Patience as a word goes pari passu with hope, endurance, perseverance. Though they are synonymous, yet they are distinct and separate when considered from a closer perspective.

Since nature has conditioned our passage on this journey called life to be full of ups and downs, mountains and valleys and what have you, putting on the garment of patience saves one from many troubles and stress. You are surprised am saying this?

I bet you ld rather not be. Been patient enables to have that belief that even though things might be pretty rough at the moment, yet there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. What more is needed in life than hearing words of solace and encouragement as this?.

Now, let me ask:

Why do people find if difficult to be patient?

Several reasons abound why people can’t even wait a minute any longer. Ours is a world of “RUSHING”. Hence, it is a world where people are made to believe erroneously that ” The earlier the better” even if the consequences are grave, risky and dangerous.

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Furthermore, lack of patience stems from what I will call unhealthy and unnecessary comparisons. Everybody wants to be like the other person. Because Maxwell was successful at age eighteen, then Donald must achieve success too at the same age. In the end, the other party looses because of his or her inability to wait for the planted seeds of success to grow, flourish and thrive into maturity.

Another reason many people find it mountainous to be patient is because they see time as a resource that is not to be wasted. Hence they are of the opinion that there is a certain time which nature has allotted for everyone and what is lost is likely not to be regained.

While the above point is true to a considerable degree. However, it best if we understand that nature has designed and charted individual’s course separately. Every individual is therefore operating on a different time zone.

Now the challenge is this?

Would you rather rush in and rush out without achieving anything worthwhile or you will want to wait patiently, enduring the process and smile at the end? You have the choice to make but remember that he who laughs last laughs best.

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