Life suddenly seemed to evolve like a shining sun hiding behind the cloud. As a young man, I had everything that could make me happy. My dad struggled at a very young age and prepared for the “unborn generation”. He suddenly rose through the ranks to become a top government functionary. This earned him the highest measure of respect, dignity and honour both within and outside the shores of the country.

At a younger age, I was exposed to wealth in its true form. My parents ensured they gave me everything I wanted. I wouldn’t blame them though. This was because I was conceived after more than a decade of waiting. My parents went from pillar to post making innumerable sacrifices to the goddess of fertility and nature. All of these proved abortive. I was eventually conceived when all hopes were lost. It was more of a divine intervention. So as to give me maximum quality, my parents sent me abroad to conclude my educational pursuit and acquire relevant qualifications and certifications to build my experience for the job market.

I came back like a sharpened knife ready to devour the pieces in the job market. However, all these seemed meaningless to me. Like a burst pipe splashing water all over, I had several questions that ran through my mind. I wondered what was the essence of life? What was I created to achieve? What is the true definition of life? What was the aftermath of life?

Furthermore, the question to find my intrinsic value and nature bothered me. I thought of who I was, what I was created to achieve and the impacts of these achievements on people around me. My life seemed to be like a ship on the sea-tossed by a raging storm here, there and yonder. In reality, I had no particular destination I was aiming for.

I engaged myself in different adventures to ensure I found life’s true purpose and meaning. All, however, seemed to end in disappointments. This making my life uncertain and my chances of survival slim! I woke up many nights crying for no particular reason. My parents couldn’t understand my way of living. Out of sheer ignorance, they increased the amount of my daily spendings. I had the best car, the best clothes and the best things a young man could think of. But it ended in chaos. I spoke to my friends, but the answers I got weren’t satisfactory. To a lot of people, it was as though I was having a mental disorder and needed the highest level of mental rehabilitation.

In the nick of time, I sat down and engaged myself in some heart-warming interactions. From my observations, I found out that I wanted to live a life of self-sacrifice. This entailed helping the poor, the needy and bringing life to dying souls. I put my plans into writing, prayed about it and took some giant steps to bring my dream into reality. This led me to establish a non-governmental organization named “Hope for the Hopeless“. Now, I am a happy man and many of the questions that seemed unanswerable at the initial stage of my life have gotten satisfactory answers.

What Am I Driving At?

Life can be very meaningless at times. Several questions seem to bother our minds to which we are unable to find answers to. Nature, however, won’t live anyone in the dark as to the path to follow to get happiness. Many of the actions I took initially to satisfy my happy-thirsty nature seemed illogical. My parents kicked against it, but now they are happy with me and I am happy with myself.

Also, money is not everything. Having much of it won’t guarantee happiness, having less won’t bring sadness either. It’s all about what one uses it for. Happiness is individualistic. Hence, something that makes a person happy might not be for another. It is of paramount importance to spend our time here judiciously as it affects our aftermath.

I am sure you enjoyed my story. I’d be looking out for your views in the comment section.

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