The world we live is a world of anxiety filled with stress and where the human mind has been conditioned to hustle in order to make ends meet. Hence, many people rarely find time to rest so as to gain the required energy and strength for sustained living.

This ugly situation according to mental health experts is worrisome and could lead to diseases and ultimately death. This is what has motivated me to write on the concept of meditation and the hidden benefits that an individual could derive from it.

Meditation can be defined as an exercise in which someone keeps the mind fixed upon a particular thing. It is a period of rest where one does some devotional activities which could lead to contemplation. It can also be called solitude since one takes rest or breaks from life’s activities. It is simply void of distractions. Some individuals practise this activity by going to desertted places where they won’t be distracted. Such places include but not limited to places of worship, sea shores, river banks etc.

Meditation is as old as man. History has it in record that many great men, philosophers and musicians were able to achieve great things because of meditation.

What then are the hidden benefits of this activity?

  1. Serves as a break-point for anxiety
    Anxiety is both an emotion and a process and if it not controlled can lead to cases of high blood pressure. Meditative activities could help to cure anxiety. For instance, once I am tensed I prefer staying alone to do some things. This helps me reduce the bottled up emotions and tensions.
  2. Promotes self-awareness
    By constantly engaging in meditation, one becomes self aware of things within the environment. This helps to generate empathy and showing of kindness to people around.
  3. Promotes Emotional Health and Increased Attention Span. From age 50 upward, the body structure of an average human being begins to change. This is the number one cause of old age diseases. The popular one been the loss of memory (dementia). Engaging in meditative activities like journalling assists individuals in promoting emotional health and maintaining agility and emotional balance.

Perhaps you have practised meditation and you feel there are other benefits I have not written, do share your opinion in the comments. Gracias.

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