Comfort zone is any thing which hinders one from achieving success. Now, achieving success should be a progressive thing, but many people see it as a one-sided approach. Hence, when one succeeds in a little thing, the whole world is called to celebrate it. Not minding the fact that there are people who have achieved more in times past.

Comfort zone could be a situation, relationship or plan which hinders one from achieving more. It allows one from feeling safe even when danger is lurking. In some other perspective, A comfort zone is a mental state or a condition of the mind in which certain things appear similar or familiar to a person and they are at ease and in control of their own activities. Situations like these makes one experience low levels of stress and anxiety.

Why is it dangerous to stay within the comfort zone:

It prevents one from discovering one’s passion, accomplishing set goals and finding happiness.

It also prevents growth since one is scared to try new methods since one has a fixed mindset and not a growth mindset.

It reduces an individual’s level of confidence since the individual doesn’t want to face hard times and take steps to solve them.

There are other reasons why staying within the comfort zone is dangerous. But let’s focus on ways to beat your comfort zone:

Avoid procrastination

Meet and network with people who have achieved more than you do.

Have a do it now and do it fast attitude

Conclusively, as you start a new week, keep taking steps no matter how little. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles start with just one step. Gracias.

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