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From the period of post independence, Nigeria has been plagued and ravaged by a myriad of challenges and upheavals. These has continued to be a source of worry and concern to nationalists, concerned citizens and elder statesmen.

The wave of these challenges of which the bulk is relating to insecurity has generated heated arguements and stirred up controversies along different lines of the entity christened Nigeria. The most recent one of which there has been no moral justification for is the Southern Kaduna Crisis.

From the vantage point of history, Kaduna State is famous and cannot be relegated to the background due to its high prominence occasioned by its population, land mass and huge avalanche of mineral resources. In addition, it was formerly an erstwhile administrative territory for the entire Northern region prior to the abolition of regions and the subsequent division of Nigeria into states spearheaded by the reign of General Yakubu Gowon.

While it is almost impossible to give an accurate description and dialysis of the series of events which served as the rationale for the division of the state into Southern and Northern groups, one very important point is the fact that the division has broken the strong cords of the State along political, religious, economic and educational lines.

Comsequntly, the Southern part which is chiefly inhabited by Christians is underdeveloped, desolate and dampened. The reverse seems to be the case in the Northern part which is which is a beehive of activities economically educationally and politically.

Anyone following the sanguinary activities of armed militia in Southern Kaduna in the last two weeks would obviously align with the fact that the State is passing through a period of crisis and serve challenges. The Crisis which dates back to the 80s seems to be unabated and unattended to by both present and past governments at the state and national levels. This further fuels the curiosity as to why these killings which are almost a replica of the Jewish holocaust by Adolf Hitler during the second world war haven’t been nipped in the bud.

Condemning the attacks, a former Secretary to the Federal Government, Chief Olusegun Falae had noted that Nigeria was fast travelling towards the road of anarchy. Similary, an erstwhile Senator Shehu Sani and human rights activists via his Twitter handle @ShehuSani had described the government’s approach to the killings as lopsided. To him, “When the bandits kill in Zamfara, it is condemned; when the bandits kill in Southern Kaduna, it is explained”.
Nonetheless and amidst all these condemnations from various quarters, one issue that continues to be the bone of contention is the prolonged silence of the Chief Security Officer of the State over the unabated Killings and gruesome murder of hapless citizens.

This is evident in the statement which was credited to the Governor where he had opined that the attacks in the Southern part of the State could not be termed religious and ethnic cleansing as the killings had permeated the whole state and the entire North-Western region. This clearly shows the negligible and lackadaisical attitudes of the Governor towards preserving the lives of citizens in his care.

Is it not surprising to say that Southern Kaduna killers have a field day slitting the throats of innocents, raping women and setting houses and religious places on fire for no just cause while the established machinery approved by law to enforce peace and order are making unguarded statements as to why they cannot perform their fundamental duties?

Statistics of individuals sent to untimely graves are rather scaling up at a geometric progression. This is evident in the news headlines captured by gentle men of the press as well as news and media outlets. This on the whole justifies the fact that the sanctity and dignity for human life has been abolished.

If the late Thomas Jefferson of blessed memory was quoted to have said that “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government”, then it is high time the Government awakened its consciousness to its fundamental duty of securing the lives and properties of its citizens or do we continue to live in a situation which Thomas Hobbes described as nasty, brutish and short?

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