When the late reggae musician, Bob Marley, shortly before his demise said it was “better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life”, he wasn’t aware that his saying would be the driving force and the fulcrum on which the recent revolutionary activities in Nigeria will rest.

He had unassumingly thought that democracy as the ideal and best of governance couldn’t give way to revolution. Sadly his assumptions when tested on the soils of Nigeria will test negative under any circumstance or situation.

The recent #RevolutionNow proceedings which was witnessed in both the administrative cum commercial capitals of the entity christened Nigeria last week are inter alia pointers to the fact that Nigeria isn’t on the path of development.

As such, she cannot be regarded as a developed or developing state. We would rather settle for the underdeveloped appellation. No wonder, the entire citizenry are regarded as victims of a failed state. This coupled with other factors have suddenly awakened them from their lethargic state to one of consciousness.

They like the Biblical Israelites are willing to fight the seed of tyranny and corruption with the last drop of blood in their systems. Times without number, we have always been made to forcefully swallow the bitter pill of believing that Nigeria is battling with several economic, political, social and developmental maladies.

Haven’t Nigerians seen it all? Do we talk of ineptitude and clueless nature of our leaders putting on apparels of leadership of which their system of governance is characterised by corruption, nepotism and tyranny? Or probably underdevelopment in all sectors serving as pillars for the economy.

Furthermore, the unleashing of terror and violence by security agencies obeying the orders of the government on harmless citizens who are negotiating for better deals is another reason to justify the fact that Nigeria needs a revolution. You will probably have to ask Omoyele Sowore or Agba Jalingo and let them recount their experiences while languishing in the “dungeon” of the government.

While some have argued that the country should return to the days of regional administration as a means of restructuring. It will be totally unwise for states with meagre resources and an avalanche of population to be forced into managing their own affairs both economically and politically.

On the other hand, if Nigeria and Nigerians are settle for restructuring, there has to be a downsizing of the governmental powers and function. In a more technical sense, certain agencies, portfolios and ministries will be scrapped or merged to avoid duplication of duties.

In a country where the culture of civility and statehood and nationalism is almost eroded, it is not surprising therefore, that public opinion have propounded the mantra that ours is a country bound in chains and not in freedom. This on its own is in dissonance with what is popularly sung in the last line of the first stanza of the nation’s anthem as composed by Late Benedict Odiase.

Little wonder our wheels of progress has sunk in the quagmire which our leaders have deceitfully constructed. The sheepish followers have no choice therefore than to continue heaping the blame on the machinery established by law to cater for its citizens.

The case to either restructure or revolt in Nigeria is more of a dilemma. This is due to the fact that both choices have their pros and cons and cannot be achieved within the snap of a finger or the twinkling of an eye.

Well, with the reality of things and events unfolding at a gradual pace, Nigerians would have to choose between revolting or restructuring as there cannot be a middle ground or sitting on the fence as captured by the Sierra Leonean/Gambian Poet, Lenrie Peters in his poem “The Fence”. The time to make a decision is now.

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