Everyday, a lot of people are faced with rejections stemming from the fact that their opinions are not considered. It can even be in a relationship or in an organization. Most times, it is disheartening after putting so much efforts and at the end, nothing comes from it.

Contesting for a job or a promotion at work, trying to persuade an individual to your way of thinking are some common situations where one can experience rejection. Some people, apparently because of their level of unpreparedness over personalise it, and in the long run, they miss better opportunities where their efforts could have been rewarded or where they can gain more experience.

So what are the practical steps to take when rejected:

  1. Be willing to learn
    Learning is a continuous process and it happens even if all things aren’t going well. There is always a lesson to learn in every rejection one encounters and been calm to learn it will enable one function and perform effectively.
  2. Be willing to let go
    This can be a very painful and strenuous process. It is therefore important that one let’s go of the rejection process and focus on other things. Thinking of the incidents culminating in the rejection could spark up negative emotions which can cause severe consequences.
  3. Have the courage to grow
    There are certain areas that might need you grow or matured. Rejection can. Be a way of identifying those areas. After identifying those areas, it is best to grow and mature to avoid falling victim continuously.

Conclusively, rejection can be one of life’s most painful experiences. However, been able to rise after falling is the best thing as it brings one closer to the desired success.

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