Everyone known individual is known to get angry at one point or the other. However, the reactions and manner of approach is what differentiates and distinguishes one individual from the other.

Anger is both an emotion and a feeling, and has its good and negative aspects. However, if it is not managed effectively, it can lead to gruesome effects, most cases death. Instances are of people who because of a little disagreement got angry and in the end killed the other party, only for them to be given punishments beyond human imagination. Such can include: death by hanging, life imprisonment etc.

Anger is like a car. And by all safety standards, it is best when one is driving to avoid over speeding as this could lead to accident. So also it is when one is angry, one must endeavour to be able to control and manage the temper to avoid troubles.

It is best to understand that situations that warrant anger can occur at the work place, at the mall, at home between parents and their children. This is because we have different behaviours, therefore seeing things from another’s perspective can save one from grave consequences.

What then are the ways to manage anger:

  1. Refrain from speaking. It is best to refrain from making speeches as most one could speak wrongly.
  2. Leave the scene immediately. Though, this might not be possible at all times especially when the other party is adult and won’t want to be disrespected. However, where this is possible and won’t lead to troubles, make use of it.
  3. Take a deep breath. Behavioural scientists have proved that this in most cases relieves the brain and instead of triggering revenge could serve as a step down for the individual. Another method you can use is counting number 1 to 10 until the anger pang is reduced.
  4. Get a sleep
    Personally, I do this and it has proved valuable. When I wake up, I notice that I don’t have the appetite of venting my anger again. Sleep serves as a refresh button for the body system
  5. Pray. This is spiritual and it also works. Finding time to pray to be able to control ones temper is essential too. So one won’t be seen as a kid who is the position of always throwing tantrums especially over insignificant things.

Got other ways to manage anger, then I ld be glad to hear them in the comments section. Gracias.

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