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The government of a country is the machinery established by law to carry out the operations of a state. These operations include job provision, security and welfare for the entire populace. Most times, the government is incapacitated in the discharge of her duties. This is as a result of circumstances which might be within or beyond control. No country therefore can lay full claim as to the fact that her territory is free from all forms of social malady.

Nigeria’s case however, seems to be an exception. For more than a decade, the country has been battling with the Boko-Haram terror. Surprisingly, the issue which started on a low scale has now risen and has engulfed almost all states in the North-Eastern part of the country. Its tentacles are gradually spreading to other parts especially in the North-Central and Western parts.

Several governments have promised to tackle the menace and nip it in the bud totally. However, the promises are mere statements which cannot face the light of reality. Consequently, the nation is seen innrtge international circle as a “red zone”. This has prevented foreign investors with large scale plans from investing in the nation’s economy.

Apart from this, the quantum loss of lives and properties almost on a daily basis is worrisome and alarming. It is as though these terrorists do not have sanctity, dignity and respect for the human life. Maybe, we rather say that the goddess of peace is angry with the nation and has therefore inspired these criminals to take vengeance on both the innocent and guilty.
In a situation in which corruption has eaten deep into the nation’s fabrics, it is quite surprising that a people not innumerable and feeble are able to hold the entire nation to ransom. There is certainly something to which we have not adequately been exposed to.

I, believe that It is high time the Nigerian government lay aside political differences and empower the Nigerian military maximally to fight these criminals. This is of paramount importance so as to cleanse the land from blood-thirsty people who are on a mission to make the entire Nigerian race go into extinction.

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