So the other day, I was scrolling through my twitter feeds and saw a particular tweet from a famous individual that struck my attention. The individual was trying to paint a portrait of the Nigerian tertiary educational system. This is what has pushed me know writing this piece which will probably be in series, this been the first.

Acquiring university education is seen as thing of prestige in Nigeria. This coudl probably be the reason why the country can boast of over a hundred universities comprising of both federal, state and private. However, the current reality has pushed many to believe that university degrees are pieces of thrash and crap that are meant for the bin. In my opinion and background study, many factors account for this.

First of all, we have the issue of infrastructure. For an institution and specifically a tertiary institution to function well, certain structures and infrastructures have to be put in place. This include lecture rooms, laboratories, libraries, hostel blocks and the likes. However, as many people including the author will find it hard to believe, many Nigerian tertiary institutions lack these facilities that are essential for effective performance. In reality, since Nigerian public institutions get their funding from the government, they are meant to be citadels of learning where the character of individuals are moulded prepared for the outside world, however, the reverse seems to be the case.

Frequent industrial action is another reason why many public universities are seen as places of regimented passage. The government most times find it difficult to fulfill some terms of contract and agreement. This pushes labour leaders to engage in prolonged industrial actions causing delays in academic calendars. This causes a rush hour procedure where students have to cover a session within one and a half month.

Do you feel there are other causes to the ones I have outlined above? Do feel free to share them in the comments section. I would be back to continue with the next series. Gracias

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