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For the space of a month now, Nigeria and the world generally has been battling with a disease codenamed corona virus (COVID – 19). This has undoubtedly affected a whole aspects of human endeavours. Businesses, religious organizations, government and private establishments not left out of this scourge.

Consequently, the rate and chances of survival for individuals and families have become extremely slim. This could in the long run increase the rate of death because people do not have a chance to hustle for their daily survival.

I will particularly want to salute and acknowledge the efforts of health workers and some state governors who are working relentlessly to ensure the deadly epidemic is contained and nipped in the bud. Also worthy of acknowledgement are financial institutions and philanthropists who thought it fit to take out of their avalanche of wealth and distribute to the masses and poor.

Amidst all these, it is disheartening that our legislators who are meant to rally round the nation and give maximal support are engaging in activities that are illogical and irrational. I was particularly amused when reports were flying all through the media space that federal legislators have commenced the distribution of exotic cars for official functions.

Several questions come to mind. All these are pointers to the fact that many of our political office holders and appointees do not have the interest of the masses that have elected them at heart. On the contrary, they are there to enrich their pockets and amass wealth arbitrarily.

Whenever I listen to reports relating to this, I have no choice than to jokingly conclude that there are different versions of democracy and probably the founders of the democratic system of government have upgraded contents and that’s why ours is different from other countries operating the same system.

However, as amusing as this may sound, it is pure reality. Thanks to goodness that the corona virus has finally opened the eyes of our leaders to the dilapidated states of structures in the health sector. In a nut shell, they are forced to use the hospitals they once rejected as houses with the poor. This is to show the necessity of building home.

Professors who are learned academicians, doctors, nurses and other relevant people who should be paid heavily for risking their lives to contain the virus are paid peanuts and meagre allowances. This most times, is not timely as their various professional bodies have to engage in several consultations with the government. This most times escalates into prolonged industrial actions.

I do hope these legislators have a rethink and use these funds meant to procure mobile utilities to furnish and repair several hospitals across the country that are in sorry states. Because, whether we like it or not, there is no place like home and the earlier they understand this fact and take action, the better it is for themselves and the Nigerian populace generally.

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