Without further ado, Nigeria is blessed in all aspects. This is evident in the number of natural resources available at her disposal. It is almost impossible to say that no state in Nigeria doesn’t have a fair share of natural resources, the federal capital territory, Abuja, inclusive. Some of these resources include: oil, gold, bitumen columbite etc.

Apart from this, the nation’s human resources has made her the center of attraction. No wonder, many countries of the world open theri borders widely to Nigerians so they can come and use their skills, expertise and experience to develop their own economy.

With all these avalanche of resources both natural and human, an average human being will think that thecurrent should be without much effort be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with her counterparts around the world. However, this is far from the current reality we are currently experiencing.

All aspects of the nation’s economy is currently battling with one challenge or the other. One then begins to wonder whether the country is under a spell or a curse. This is because several countries who gained Independence more than five years after ours are developing at a rate unimaginable.

Our GDP rate is worrisome and alarming. The level of poverty is such that many citizens are unable to spend a dollar convinently and without stress. Furthermore, illiteracy is on the increase as several able bodied boys and girls don’t have the privileged of been tutored in the four walls of a standard classroom with learning equipments.

The country proposed a ten year plan code named VISION 2020. The current look of things shows that Nigeria is far from achieving and effectively implementing the demands of the vision. Experts say that not even in the next ten years can the country achieve it.

Politically, the country hasn’t regained her balance from various inter tribal wars. The situation is as though “Everyone Must Fight For His Or Her Own Head’. Well I won’t want to delve and dig extensively into historical records and archives. However, I want to end this by saying Nigeria is currently fighting a common enemy, and unless this war is fought and won, the country might not seem to experience peace.

Anyways, it’s time to fight and therefore ” No Victory, No Surrender “.

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