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I have heard it said times without number that we should refrain from judging a book by it’s cover. I have never put this into practise. Recently, I had an experience which made me conclude that the saying cannot be something further from the truth.

A part of my room has for sometime been dark and gloomy. This was as a result of the fact that there was no source of light. This I felt I should solve by fixing some electric bulbs. I was short of cash and I had to fix this challenge without delay.

I had two bulbs that had been in my room for about four years. It was while I was in school I tried fixing it in my room but was unable to. The bulbs had been dusty and the inner components blackened. This heightened my fears because I felt the bulbs weren’t working any longer. I wanted to arrange my room on this fateful day and my first contact was on these bulbs. I believed that they were as good as useless and therefore meant for the bin.

However, my instinct told me I should give the bulbs a trial. I shrugged within me. The availability of electricity further heightened my fears as I felt connecting the bulbs could give an explosion which could wreak great havoc. The inner voice further persuaded me to try it. After all, there was no harm in trying.

Luckily, I switched off the supply of electricity from the control panel; this was to avoid electrical shocks. I fixed the bulb, switched on the control panel and the switch, lo and behold, instead of explosion there was illumination.

Why the need of all these epistles?

Everyone is unique in one way or the other. Hence, we should avoid judging people by their covers. Covers in this case could be attitudes, values, behaviours and the likes. Nature has created every individual with one special ability. Unless, you come near you cannot see the ability. Before making any conclusion about an individual or a situation always give room the benefit of the doubt. Don’t make hasty assumptions. Check, Recheck and Crosscheck.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating. I believe you must have learnt from my story. Please feel free to send in your comments. Gracias

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