“If music be the food of love, play more and let me have excess of it” was a famous quote said by the ace author of literary works – William Shakespeare. This signifies the importance of music in everyday life. Music is life, hence without it, life would cease to exist, and even where it exists, i t will be brutish, solitary and short as described by a famous philosopher – Thomas Hobbes

Music has many purposes, some of which include using it a medium of praising a diety or individual, for entertainment, to express emotions and feelings especially among lovers, it helps to ease worries and anxieties. Even health-wise, music has been said to be a cure for several illnesses. The Holy Bible aptly has it on record that when David played on his harp, Saul who was suffering from a mental malady was refreshed.

Having identified several benefits of music to humanity, the question now is this? Why do people refrain from listening to musical lyrics? From my observations, many people have time for themselves let alone having time to listen to music. Apart from worship days, most people can rarely create time to have some notes played to their memories. At the end of the day, their stress levels increase and they fall the risk of contacting several diseases that could downsize their productivity.

I ld suggest you wouldn’t want to be like the man who never had the time to listen to musical lyrics for once. But on the say he was buried, several songs were sang in his honour, but all into deaf ears. I ld rather advise you to take out time to listen to music. Even if it’s just for some few seconds, it could have ripple effect on both the soul, mind and body.

So if music truly be the food of love and health, please play more and let ME, I am referring to MYSELF have excess of it. What about you? Am sure you will too, then let’s keep it rolling.

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