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It was as though the goddess of nature wanted me to take a break. For the past months, I had subjected my self to a plethora of activities and tasks which was gradually taking its toll on my health. I barely had no time for myself. All through the day, my schedule revolved around leaving home for work then to church and finally home.

Because of the stressful days I encountered, I many times slept on empty stomach. This was as a result of the fact that the stress of the day was more than enough to satisfy the hungry soldiers who went on rampage in my stomach.

Barely a week before the lockdown, I had strategically made plans to go to church and celebrate my mother’s day. Following, this, I was already making a second hand plan to celebrate Easter in a grand style. My church too apparently aware of this, was making some arrangements to hold a retreat for the period of the festivity. I was neck deep in all of these as I had to attend several meetings to ensure all these programmes were successfully conducted.

How on earth was I gonna cope with all these? Can’t these guys jist give me some space to breathe? All these and other questions ran through the pages of my mind and thoughts.

I thought of using my leave in my work place to have some time to rest. However, my leave was scheduled for August and there was no way I wanted to convince my boss to reschedule it. Here was a man who I never wanted any period of rest for his workers. I will rather call it an understatement to refer to him as a “workaholic”. He always had a work for his employees every moment of the day. Even far into the night. Many atimes, I had to sleep over at work to ensure I completed these tasks.

Apart from all these, I had some courses as exams to take. I also had some movies to watch. All these are necessary to help me understand the nitty-gritty of my job and assignments at work. My phone space was running out because of the heavy nature of these films, I couldn’t delete them since I hadn’t watched them.

Getting to work that fateful day, I had already planned to sneak out before the closing hour. Unbeknownst to me, that there was already a lock down. My ” workaholic ” boss handed me a letter telling me that there was a total lockdown and that the management had approved a remote work plan for its employees.

So as not to display any sign of ignorance and foolishness, I immediately threw tantrums at the management blaming them for taking such actions. My boss too quickly joined me and we began to question the ugly and irrelevant decisions made by the management most times. However, deep within me, I was over excited. It was as though I won a lottery abroad.

The following day which was a Thursday, I woke up half past seven. Under normal days, I would be on my desk at that time arranging files in preparation for the days business. I wanted to rush off to work. Then I suddenly remembered that I was going no where. The goddess of work must have been sad as she wanted me to be engaged all day long. Luckily enough, I won the race.

Now, I am glad because I have taken the courses and accquired the certificates, I have watched the movies I intended to watch, my health has pretty improved and I have adequate time for myself.

Lockdown, forced down, shut down, locked in, locked out, curfew, emergency, stay at home, stay from work, social distancing or whatever you ld call it, I am glad I made the best use of it. What about you? Stay safe.

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