For about a month now, a deadly virus known as corona (COVID – 19) has been ravaging Nigeria’s territory. Despite all efforts, it has defied cures and solutions. Its tentacles has continued to spread from one state to another.

Business organisations are shutting down, places of work are under lock and key. Places of worship are also not left behind as there is a great decline in the number of attendees at each meeting. Like the cause and effect theory, things are beginning to experience total lockdown with many people not able to go out. Consequently, they are forced to remain indoors.

I took time to consider many things. Some of these include the nature of the disease, how it spreads, the number of casualty that has been recorded, its prospect as to whether it will be nipped in the bud or not. But in reality, and just like the case of the Israelites in Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh, the situation seems to grow worse day by day.

However, as someone who is passionate about learning, and one who believes that every situation one encounters has a lesson inherent it, I found that truly there are some cogent and important lessons everyone can learn from this incidence. Since I don’t have first hand experience of the situation in other countries, and most of what I hear is from the media, I will limit my experience to the Nigerian Society.

Outlined below are lessons I have learnt and which I believe every Nigerian can learn too:

  1. Prepare for rainy days/there is no place like home

Just like the popular saying that no condition is permanent, there is the need to prepare for the future. Many of our politicians who aforetime saw abroad as home especially during the time of emergencies, are now beginning to understand that truly, there cannot be a place like home. You can never be smarter. If corona virus isn’t worldwide, most Nigerians especially the rich would have dashed out leaving the poor behind to face the scourge of the disease. Instead of using the resources available to them to furnish home, they prefer spending these resources to seek medical attention, leaving the poor masses to suffer. Now, they are forced to go to hospitals with the worst road network in undeveloped local governments. I believe a bird in hand is worth too in the bush. Hence, political leaders now see the reason to develop and fortify home.

2. Never overestimate or underestimate anyone.

If there had been a prophecy that many high ranking individuals will have tested positive for the virus, I would have argued it over and over. This is because of the classic health care solutions/security made available to them.

However, the truth of the matter is staring us in the face. Many people who I wouldn’t want to put their names into writing have contracted the disease. This makes us to believe that no one can be overestimated or underestimated. Therefore, there is always an ultimate grim reaper who takes vengeance on all without having respect for the individual. The grim reaper in this case is the corona virus. A pearl or gold today can become worthless or trash tommorow.

3. Religion is spiritual and not about physical attendance at meetings.

This is applicable to all religions. Many have the erroneous belief that their stand with God is measured by how frequent they attend meetings and other ceremonies.

However, religion is much more than these. It is about having a personal contact with God. God is not limited to a particular territory or atmosphere. His power and authority is supreme. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

4. There is always a way
Physical attendance at work was made mandatory by all employers to their employees. However, we have been forced to embrace remote work -working from home. Even the government has made it clear that most of their employees should work from home.

Definitely, there is always a way to achieve something. Nature hasn’t confined it to just one approach.

5. There is time for everything.

A popular verse in the scripture has this to say:
“There is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing”. A time to laugh and a time to mourn”. At this point in time, the virus has incapacitated many from embracing. The principle of social distancing now seems to operate even among close ties.

I was watching a sermon the other day and the gap between the preacher and the interpreter could take two persons convinently. This was not so before as there was little or no space in between the actors.

What does this has to say?
Endeavour to value everyone’s presence as a time will come when the people you value and treasure won’t be found. This could be as a result of disease, death and other unimaginable situations.

Perhaps you’ve got other lessons you have also learnt, kindly share in the comments section. Anyways, I wish Nigeria and Nigerians good luck in the struggle to sweep this disease off our borders.

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