The concept of leadership is not an entirely new concept. It so used in everyday life both within the private and public spheres. The term basically means having control over a territory or a particular group of people. In another perspective, it also means one who directs or organises a thing to achieve maximum control or progress. The term is also synonymous with authority which means the ability to make people or organisms subject to one’s wishes.

Overtime, many people have developed different criteria to measure leadership? I’d outline two in this article.

Many people see leadership about having recognitions in form of titles. Leaders who fall into this category often place much emphasis on these titles. That’s why many of them get furious if they aren’t called by their respective. On the other hand, leadership about influence are larger in scope than leadership with titles. Leaders who deal with influence most often don’t want to be recognised by their titles. Their leadership style is self-paced, sacrificial and brings all and sundry together until a common purpose is achieved. Leaders by influence help to create in which everyone can develop their potential. Leaders by influence understand connection to themselves, others and cosmos to life in general.

In terms of achievements, leaders that operate with titles often achieve little when it comes to organizational development. Results most times are not seem by subordinates. Someone once said, if you love your ego to be fanned, you are a boss, but if love to serve, you are a leader.

Conclusively, let me throw you this challenge. Are you a leader or a boss? I’ld encourage you to be a leader as the benefits that accrue to such are innumerable.

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