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“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is a famous quote attributed to a wise man. The assertion when compared to the current situation of things in Nigeria, is pure reality.

For both the leaders and the led, it is as though our minds from the period of independence until now have been erroneously configured by forces to keep utilising the same approach even when it is evident that the approach had failed countlessly.

The last Saturday will not go down into history without been remembered for the abduction of over 600 male students of a public secondary school in Kankara, Katsina State. Lest we forget, similar events had occured in 2014 where the Boko Haram insurgents attacked a school in Chibok, Borno State and captured about 276 girls who were writing their final examinations.

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Similarly, in 2018 four years after, the sect captured 113 children from Dapchi, Yobe tate in North Eastern part of the country on February 19. Based on news reports, the sect later released 107 of them. Five were said to have died while one till date still remains in captive. Reading through the ugly and disheartening headline of the Kanakara abduction, several questions ran through my mind.

In the first instance, Why would such an event be coming at this point in time when the year was coming to an end and it was a period of festivity characterised by excitements and joys.

Futhermore, why would such an ugly occurrence be happening in the President’s home state which was meant to be sacrosanct. Was there an ulterior motive to this action?

In addition, one needs to question the essence of the nation’s security outfits if there efforts were not worth visible in combating crime and criminals. Is it not sad that despite the avalanche of security outfits established to fight crimes, issues such as the Kankara abduction still come into play? What then is the essence of establishing the outfits when in reality they aren’t performing as expected.

The last question which bothered my mind was the continued discrepancy in the number of Students that were kidnapped by the government and the media. The last question seems to be the major issue that has continued to be he aftermath of tragic events such as the Kankara abduction.

Without mincing words, the process of profiling the number of students kidnapped by nefarious criminals such as the Boko Haram insurgents each time they execute their activities in targeted school has always been ruffled and a tug of war between the government and the media. However, it is always said that if deceit runs for donkey years, it only takes truth a twinkle of an eye before it catches up with it.

Anyways, it is clear that the Nigerian government instead of doing the needful has always tried to dodge reality by laying claim to figures that are not factual or accurate. Little wonder the Governor of Katsina State noted that about 300 students were kidnapped while the Presidency noted about 10 students were kidnapped.

One then begins to think about the discrepancies in the reports. In the second instance, who do we blame for this abduction? Is it the Nigerian government that are a bunch of clueless and inept individuals who have failed in their responsibility of securing the lives and properties of citizens? Or of the students who are innocent and are in school to make their lives and future better?

Rather than the government arm its security outfit to quell ugly occurrences like this, it has continued to engage in jamboree activities which are inimical to the success of the operations of the nation’s security.

The issue of education which is meant to be a topnotch priority has been relegated to the background. The Kankara abduction without any iota of doubt establishes this fact. The Northern Governors Forum who should have championed the cause of these students have been at the fore front of this war have shut their mouths.

If the Nigerian government has continued to display the highest form of folly and ineptitude in fighting issues such as insecurity, is there any hope for poor citizens who are innocent and hapless and who depend absolutely on the government for survival?

The Kankara abduction should be a wake-up call on the urgency of government to prioritise the issue of security especially now that educational institutions have become target locations for bandits and insurgents. Afterall, if we continually fail to learn from the mistakes of the past, we will continually repeat it and expect different results.


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