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Hello Everyone. Its a bright beautiful Tuesday, the second day of work. Like my usual practise is, I was scrolling through my news feeds and saw a headline saying unemployed graduates shouldn’t rely on the government specifically the federal government for the creation of jobs.

Now the question is this? Whose responsibility is it to create jobs?

In the first instance, we operate on a democratic platform. Hence, it is the government of elected representatives or as they say “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Having elected leaders, the electorate expect that their wishes especially those within the purview of the constitution are met. So if the government is saying they can’t create jobs for the teeming population, whose responsibility should it be? Should we say it is the responsibility of private organizations. I will totally disagree with this point. The whole scenario is like a commander sending his soldiers to a war against other countries and expecting them to provide the necessary logistics such as transport, arms and ammunition for themselves and threatening them if they fail to win the war.

Though, private organizations have a role to play. The lion share of the issue however, belongs to the government since it has the constitutional mandate of protecting and securing the lives of its citizens. After all, some electoral manifestoes contain unfulfilled promises of providing jobs for the unemployed.

Now esteemed readers, what is your take on the issue I have outlined? Is it the responsibility of the government or private individuals to provide jobs.

Please air your views in the comments section. Gracias.

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