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It is a constant maxim used in everyday life to refer to the universe as a small place. Well I have recently been quesitioning the truth of this assertion. To me, the world is bigger than any human being can think. It is a web of interconnected relations and relationships.

Scientifically, it is said that there are over a million galaxies, about nine planets of which only the earth is habitable by human beings. One surprising thing is the fact that the world is controlled by just one solar system. Apart from this, there are several animals that exist both domestic and wild and also over a hundred and fifty countries. Delving into these things makes me appreciate the beauty of nature and to conclude that the world is bigger than we could ever think of.

Well, below are some reasons I believe the world isn’t small and hence bigger than we can imagine:

  1. There are opportunities everywhere
    I think this is a major reason why people keep looking for greener pastures just for survival. Some people even travel out of their geographical region to other places just to ensure they make ends meet and survive maximally. If the world is small, this couldn’t have been possible.
  2. There are diverse set of people
    Different individuals with their different approaches, manners, ideologies, temperaments and the likes. This sometimes could be confusing as and challenging when we find out that people are different. No wonder it is said that “As our faces or different, so also are our disposition”.
  3. The influence of technology
    A few decades ago, the process of travelling and communicating with people was much more complex than the process of building a spider’s web. But the world has evolved, countries and communities around the world are becoming interconnected. Businesses are springing up and are going global, the process of connecting with people has been easy almost at the snap of a finger. This is largely because of the advancement in technology.
  4. The insatiable and curious nature of the human mind
    Several questions keep coming forth of which there are no answers. Or the answers that are available are not sufficient enough to answer the avalanche and abundance of the questions. This is occasioned by the high demand for knowledge which fuels the need for research and in-depth analysis and discoveries.

Well, life they say is what you see it; hence, what you see is what you get. This is my perspective about the world, I believe you have yours too. Please feel free to share it in the comments and I ld be glad you did. Gracias.

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