During my young years, I always heard our country Nigeria been referred to as the giant of the African continent. Due to my curiosity, I made an inquiry and I was made to know that we were given the appellation because nature had deposited many essential natural resources in our land. Furthermore, I was made to know that if these resources were carefully extracted, processed and utilised effectively, the nation’s financial reserve would never for once run dry.

However, how that I am growing and beginning to see the true picture of things. I have been able to realise this appellation is shrouded in deceit. Biological, when an organism is referred to a giant, it means the organism is huge and extremely powerful. However, this is far from the case in Nigeria. Almost all aspects of the nation’s economy is still creeping and crawling.

Politically, the nation still struggles with issues relating to political thuggery, electoral malpractices, snatching of ballot boxes and vote buying. Educationally, the nation can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with its counterparts in other parts of the country. It is more of a theoretical situation than a practical approach.

Many of what the nation prided itself in is becoming or has become a shadow in the background. For instance, the Jebba paper mill, Bacita Sugar factory, the Ajaokuta steel industry just to mention a few.

In terms of infrastructure, the country cannot be said to be a giant. Roads are unmotorable and claim lives almost on a daily basis. Financially, the external reserves are dry. We keep incurring debts just to make sure our economy is developed. But it seems the more we borrow, the more damages that are made to the nation’s economy.

In my opinion, I think we are far from been regarded as a giant. I just hope the upcoming generation is able to put things into shape so the nation’s lost glory is restored.

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