So its a new month and I wanna use this medium to wish you my esteemed audience a happy new month. A peculiar thing about this moment is that it marks the beginning of the second quarter of the year. This translates to the fact that if the year is divided into four equal parts, we are in the second.

Now the question and challenge I am throwing at you is this? What are your expectations. When the year started probably you were like me full of high hopes and expectations. And you were thinking things will fall into the right places without much ado. However, the reality seems to have dawned that it is far from what you have expected. Anyways, let me sound this note into hearing like the last line of my secondary school’s anthem which says: “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Had”. That is unless you strive, you cannot achieve the success you desire.

How about those business plans you planned to write, have you written those classical titles you felt would be listed in the Forbes list? How about the professional exams you wanted to write, or probably you are no longer interested in joining that network of intellectuals?

Never be afraid. This is as it were a second chance. Like players on a football pitch, this is the second half. With strength and vigour attack the opponent – procrastination, lack of vision, laziness etc. Dont be scared to take that step. Step out of your comfort zone even; it definitely won’t be acceptable to your body.

Anyways, do remember stay safe from trouble and most importantly, take into actions all the steps outlined by the government and health officials in order to avoid contracting the corona virus.

Do have a wonderful April. Gracias!

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