Nigeria’s popular theater actor and comedian was on thhe heels of the weekend arrested by the government for cases bothering on disobedience to government regulations as regarding the corona virus disease. This isn’t a solo affair as she was arrested alongside her husband.

Their offence bothered on hosting a party for persons more than twenty in number. However, this according to legal experts cannot be said to be a criminal offence. According to them, an act can be pronounced as a crime if it is prescribed in a law. This translates to the fact that observing social distancing is a guideline and cannot be said to operate within the purview of the law. Since the legislative house didn’t hold a debate on it, neither was it signed into law by the chief executive officer of the state in question.

Nigeria has always been known to focus her attention on seemingly irrelevant and baseless issues. There are several instances of the government displaying actions of misplaced priorities. The most recent is the purchase of world class utility vehicles by the nation’s house of representative. This is amidst the current war and fight against corona virus (COVID 19).

Afterall, the actor apologised publicly and submitted that the party was an internal affair with members of her crew who were on self-quarantine while working on an upcoming film.

It is in the best interest of the government to shift her focus on more issues such as providing for the needing rather than fighting for an issue which is more of a waste of resources. I do hope there is a review of the judgement passed in the interest of the government and the defendants.

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