The benefits of social media in our day to day life cannot be over enumerated. Its impact is felt in both the political, business, entertainment and educational circles.

However, since there are always two sides to everything in life, hence, the good and the bad sides. Therefore, Once a thing is not used in the proper way, it can become an abuse. So also it is with social media, if it not properly used, an individual can become addicted excessively. In such situations, an individual sees social media as something that cannot be discarded.

To avoid extreme situations like this, the following can be done:

  1. Set your priorities
    Having daily priorities can help reduce and cure social media addiction. If the priorities are set right, there is tendency that there would be a reduction in the social media addiction.
  2. Take away the fear of missing out (FOMO)
    This is a common fear experienced by social media addicts. It is believed that once one isn’t online, there is a thing or event that is been missed out. Hence, one believes that he or she has to be online.
    In most cases, this is far from been the truth. Most events that happen online are inconsequential and irrelevant. This could lead to poor time management
  3. Have a plan and a reminder
    Scheduling individual tasks and setting constant reminders could also help in overcoming social media addiction. This can be done in the following ways:
    a. Think through all the tasks and deliverables for the day
    b. Write a to do list
    c. Tick each accomplished task every hour
    The result will show how much one is able to achieve each day
  4. Cultivate the art of self discipline
    This can be a very tedious and stressful process at the initial stage, but in the long run, it pays richly. Our lives can be likened to a car where we are the drivers. Hence, we should be able to control the speed and distance of everything we encounter, social media inclusive.
  5. Create time for the people you love in real life
    It is advisable to connect with people physically rather than through a screen. Hence, spend time with people in the real world. This could be friends, family members etc.
    Ensure you have these people in your memories constantly and keep them personal to you — you don’t need to document everything you do in life with selfies.

Now let me give you a food for thought: if you don’t use social media effectively, it will use you destructively. Which do you want? Let me leave you to make your best choice.

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